Fed Up – COVID-19 Addition

This has been brewing in my brain for most of the last 100plus days that I have been in isolation from the world hiding from a virus that would more than likely kill me.

How can you be so selfish? Yes, you fellow American. I am pointing at you. Ask yourself the following:

  • Have you run out to the local grocery or super center without a mask?
  • Have you been to a local restaurant and ate inside? Have you done that without a mask?
  • Did you walk in a peaceful or not so peaceful protest without a mask?
  • Are you pregnant and not wearing a mask around others?
  • Are you one of those people saying this is a “government plot” and not wearing a mask?
  • Do you not wash your hands after touching things in public places?
  • Do you not use Sanitizer after contact with others, or touching your face? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above. You are Selfish. You are not only Selfish; you might as well have a button that says “hello, I want you dead!” Is that too much? Am I judging you to blindly? BUT WAIT, I honestly do not understand people. We had this huge advantage. Other countries had this before us. We got to see what worked and what did not. We got to see the mistakes. We got to see the pros and the cons before this virus even hit us. YET here we are with a higher death rate. Here we are going longer than other countries. Here we are relapsing after the first wave. ON to wave two.

My country why? My country, I shake my head because I can’t understand, we fight for rights for everything under the sun. We do the dumbest things. Literally we fight over every little and every big thing. It seems we don’t love each other at all, or is the sad truth that we never really loved each other at all?

I thought America was the world of dreams coming true, where freedom rings. Instead America has become a place where, White Americans are ashamed of out political leaders for making “white Americans” a thing we say. America is a place where still Black Americans have to be scared for the color of there skin. Their place in society not protecting them, not any more, not when they still have skin that shows louder than the green in their pocket. America is a home to a lot of men, women, children that have fled their birth countries looking for a place to call home. A place not in war, famine, protest, killing every day. Somewhere they don’t have to fear for their lives. It maybe these people I feel the sorriest for. We were supposed to be a refuge for them. A safe place for relief and yet on some days America of 2020 looks and feels like the countries that these people have been fleeing from.

It’s sad how we Americans have forgotten that we would not be Americans if we had not come from other countries looking for a better life. How if we had not intruded on the Indian nation and stole their land and killed many of their people, we would not have an America.

Here we are in a pandemic like the rest of the world.  Some of us Fighting to keep our population from being wiped out, and then there are some who are fighting to not have there “rights infringed upon”??? This confuses me to no end. I wish I could understand.  Maybe I missed my only chance to understand in the middle on making a friend mad, honestly, I was hurt and heated.  I wish someone would sit down and explain their idea of why is this infringing on their rights to me. So if your out there and can have a civil conversation feel free to comment or Dm me.  

For two months we managed shut down. Our country banded together followed rules and become one. Yes, it was out of fear, somehow, I am ok with that. It is better that we come together out of fear than not at all. (My lovely little post where I was so hopeful, was an example of how hopeful it all seemed.) Now here we are when everyone has lost their minds, the government only thinking of there pocketbooks opening up everything. People are going insane and no one is using any restraint or common since. It’s like an all-out spring break National Lampoon edition.  I can’t help but sit back and judge just a little bit because hey I am the one sitting over here house arrest for the past 100 plus days other than short rides in the car. I have only seen one other human out side of my spouse and his two kids. So, I can feel how I feel. My house hold uses Mask, we have not been going to go. We stay home as much as possible and limit the stores as much as possible. Why is that so hard for everyone to do.

I have very good friends that like me or much more server case than me are immune compromised and to catch Covid would mean death.  I have even more than that a lot of friends with new born babies that have never been out of there homes. All it would take is America coming together and agreeing that we are going to fight this virus. GO into our homes buckle down and do all the things that keep us safe.

Do you not remember how you can help fight against this virus? Here let me help!

  • Make list what you need for a month to get you buy. Go shopping for a month. (or order on line and do curb pick up) Most grocery stores, Walmart, Target do shop on line and curb pick up services.
  • Grocery shop once every two weeks (you can order your groceries on line now with curb pick up or door delivery)
  • CARRY Sanitizer in your pocket to use before you enter a store and after you exit.
  • Remove you shoes and clothes when you get home/ Shower 
  • You can get drive through food or take out from sit down places Wear your mask /Use sanitizer before and after
  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Pay bills on line
  • Shop on line / have delivered 
  • Take walks, bike rides for entertainment
  • Take long drives for entertainment
  • Take up a hobby like painting, gardening, baking, reading etc.
  • Make you an outside area to enjoy

Bottom line is remembering you have a choice. You can be a hero or you can be a spreader of a deadly virus. It really comes down to that. We have a lot of things we need to fix in this world. A lot of racism, a lot of people to get out of office, a lot of love to spread. We have rights to wrong. We have children that deserves to see the world for what it can be, where we don’t hate, destroy, die daily. Let’s not just come out on the other side of this … Lets stop it dead in its tracks by doing exactly what we have been told to do. mask, sanitizer and staying home.

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