My Favorite Books That Inspire Me

Do you know we all share something in common – that we all have a reading history? True, some will have a very short list but some of us will have a great long list. If I think back, some of my best moments have been in libraries. My mom pretty much knew she could take me almost anywhere, hand me a book and I’d be fine for a couple of hours. I think this is one of the reasons she forgot me in places because I was so quiet and stuck in some corner to read, while mom had class or studied in the library. I was young too, barely reading in fact, and already I would read for hours. So here is my love story with reading. 

First of all, let me tell you I could not speak well for a long, very long time. However, I could read from the time I was four. I read every road sign we passed with the help of the adults, I read every container package I saw, I sat in the lap of the family that would read aloud from the paper or book they were reading and I’d follow along. My papaw, in order to help me learn to speak, taught me to read bigger words by reading scripture. I was reading 3rd grade level in kindergarten and by 3rd grade, I was reading 8th-grade books. I always had special permission to go to the high school library. My school librarian was Mrs. Busby from 5th grade on. I’d have her recommend books to me and I’d even read the books the teachers had checked out by the time I was in 7th grade.   

The junior high library and the high school library were just one long room connecting the two sides together. I found myself in the library as much for the book but because of Mrs. Busy. I loved her so much I would wish she was my mom. I did that with a lot of my teachers. I wished they were my mom.  Those library days were fun, and they gave me a huge appreciation of libraries. 

I used to have every book that was ever bought for me. It was way over 1000 books. I hauled those things around with me from Louisiana to New York. Then the ex-got tired of moving them from apartment to apartment so I was forced to get rid of most of my books. What I would do to have them all back. 

Something else about when I moved to NY, I was in need of a library card and when I went and got one, I realized every time I changed a zip code in Long Island I’d have to change my library card which was a pain in the butt. I had never seen libraries as they had in Long Island except maybe at the NSU college campus library when I was little.

Moving in with Jeremy Made me miss all my books even more. He has so many books it is impossible to put a number to it. I just really wish I had all my books to add to it. Jeremy is great though, he likes to look for books I like at Savers and such and also Amazon.  One day I hope to have some of my collections again. 

One of my favorite things to do is read love stories… I do most of that on my amazon kindle app. Amazon has this great service you pay monthly for and you can read as many of the books in the app as you would like. It really is fantastic especially if you like to jump around on titles. One such author I love that I read on the library app from Amazon is Diemme Black, who is a follower and she writes sexy books about plus-size women finding passion. I have also found inspiring books from fat positive authors, such as Jes Baker, K.L. Montgomery, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Anna O’brien.  

To take a look at any of the books I love and share through my content on my platforms, you can check out my Amazon storefront where I have them all saved for you – buying one of those books through my storefront also helps me as a creator as I get a small percentage of the sale. You can check them out here:

Evie’s Amazon Book List For Me!

Reading from authors that look like you means so much. I remember when I was a teenager, I wanted to read anything from a fat author, and one day Rosie O’Donnell wrote a book I read and it was a changing place in my life. It was like how skinny people feel when they read something from someone that looks like them? Never before did I feel so much pride for someone that I didn’t know the day I read Rosie’s book.  So, can you imagine how I felt reading the life of Anna, and Jess particularly? I urge you to go out and seek these books. Don’t forget to click the links above and check them out! Hope you find the joy I found reading plus writers. XOXO, Evie

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