A Penny For Your Thoughts

“Find a penny and pick it up all day long you will have good luck.” This for me is a line in a movie that led me to remember this saying. Do you know where this line is from? LOL if you guessed Grease then you are correct. Turns out this is a very old saying and it really means people think pennies are good luck.

 I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and one Christmas they each got a penny, an apple, and a candy cane with new chalkboards for school. I was like really that is all it took to make kids happy back then? Wasn’t it a much simpler time?

Think about your life. In your life span what has a penny meant to you? Now it took me thinking back to when I was very young where my family got gas regularly. There was a bottom-level candy shelf and the candies there were for a penny up to 10 cents.  Then I thought about school and at school, you could buy pieces of paper for five for a penny, and erasers for pencils were a penny. Every now and again they would put candy at recess for a penny and boy was that fun. 

When I was older, I got really into saving my pennies so I could wrap them and cash them in. You know you all had a penny piggy bank in some form or another. Kids nowadays don’t know about those piggy banks, it’s more like quarter banks. I would also help my nana roll the change that was received in the church offering, or her own saved pennies. It was always fun. 

So funny story, once when I was in the 7th-grade band, another girl and I got in a fight, and when the girl hit me with her purse to the point it took the wind out of me and I had to sit down. So, this was when a guy jumped in and started defending me, so the other girl guy friend got into it as well. It ended with us going to the principal and having to pick up trash for an hour together. Anyway, I learned that Pennies also had an alternative use. The girl had six rolls of pennies in her purse and when she hit me by spinning her bag around her body and releasing it hit me in the right spot and probably jolted my heart. So, need to know information – if you’re going to a fight, make sure you’re packing a few rolls of pennies. 

That girl become my friend, and her guy friend that defended her was my high school “gay boyfriend”, as we did everything together except prom, I let my best friend take him. The guy that defended me? I will never forget his name. He was my hero from then on out. 

So, do you have a penny story? I didn’t know I had so many penny stories till I set down and began writing. For instance, did you ever wear penny loafers? I wore penny loafers a lot. I may or may not have even taken the penny out to buy a candy piece … Happy National Lucky Penny Day. Hope you find lots of pennies to make wishes upon. XOXO

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