Pants – A Small Word With A Big Job

Pants is one small simple word that causes such drama for us big ladies, especially for lymph ladies. With Lipedema, lymphoedema, or both, wearing clothes becomes something not only we dread but sometimes seems impossible to find clothes fit. For me, my legs are a huge problem in finding pants. My waist is smaller than what I would need to order for pants. My thighs are my biggest issue.  

A very nice follower asked for a post about pants and where I shop. I am going to break this down as much as possible. She asked about shoes as well so I’ll be doing a second post about shoes. 

When considering how I wanted to write this blog out, I thought about the type of pants most of us need/want.  Going forward none of these places are sponsoring this post. I have worked with a couple of these companies but have no affiliation as of right now. These opinions as follows are all my own and I’m writing this at the request of a viewer to help her find pants for her lymph legs. 

There are some pictures of me wearing what I talk about below, but not for all. Just click on the links to see what they look like!

So, you can get some idea of my body- 650lbs, 5’10 height, long upper body (short arms), Short legs with an inseam of 28. I wear size 6 at Torrid, and Size 5 and 38/40 in other brands. The following is what we will unpack today:

  • Leggings – Comfortable/not super tight but not loose
  • Compression leggings– Tight but not so tight you can’t get them on. 
  • Dress pants– Durable, not tight, comfortable (not leggings)
  • Jeans– Ones that have a stretch, that is comfortable, and takes into account size variations
  • Capris– Comfortable and the right length

Leggings- I have been a Torrid’s Premium legging girl 100 percent. Somewhere around 3 years ago, quality went down in the torrid leggings. As well as losing quality, my weight was beginning to shoot up and I found that the leggings were just not comfortable anymore.

>>> You can find them here: Torrid Premium Leggings!

I moved on to platinum legging – fleece-lined. These leggings are soft, stretchable, easy on and off. They also don’t come as long as the original Premiums leggings do, for me, this is a good thing. They fit right at my ankle like they are supposed to. If you are worried about the fleece being too hot- Don’t. It doesn’t make too much of a difference and I feel like it actually helps regulate your temp. Another good point to point out is the fleece helps the leggings not to be so transparent. I wear them in comfort knowing my underwear does not show through. 

>>> You can find them here: Torrid Platinum Leggings!

I have heard that Lane Bryant has some good leggings. The sizes there go up to 38/40 which for a lot of us is good. I have had my eye on the High Rise Leggings. I find the new 7/8ths length is just perfect for my short legs and this pair having pockets makes it really attractive to me. However, I have not tried them out yet. 

>>> You can find them here: Lane Bryant 7/8th length High Rise Leggings!

Compression leggings- I have a few compression leggings suggestions. However, we will start with the best. Super hold pocket 7/8 leggings – black, from Superfithero.

Now, these leggings are an investment. I realize a lot of us do not have the money to buy a 100 $ pair of pants. HOWEVER, that being said those of us that have Lymph legs need compression. These leggings have a “super hold”. I have taken my favorite pair to my Lymphatic specialist and She said these leggings are comparable to medical compression but make for an easier on and off. If you’re getting them for compression, make sure to size down one. I purchased a 6 Galaxy Fit when if I just wanted regular fitting leggings, I’d go with a 7 infinifit.

>>> You can find them here: Superfithero 7/8 Leggings!

Now where length is involved, the Superfithero Super Hold Pocket Leggings being their regular length is just too long for me. I have two pairs of this length and I prefer just wearing them in the winter so I can hide the cupping with boots. I’m looking forward to trying the 7/8ths.

>>> You can find them here: Superfithero Super Hold Pocket Leggings!

Now for some honorable mentions – Torrid- I have found that their workout gear is pretty decent if you are smaller than I am. I am just not able to comfortably wear their workout line because it is in fact too tight on me. I have heard good things from the people who can wear them.  There is a pair that upon look has pockets, compression, and a 27-inch inseam.

>>> You can find them here:  Torrid Workout Pants w/ Pockets!

I have also heard that Lane Bryant has nice leggings. These Livi high-rise wicking leggings are a much more affordable price but I’m not sure of the quality. 

>>> You can find them here: Livi High-Rise Wicking Leggings!

Dress Pants – Dress pants are not something I wear a lot but I used to have to wear them every day. Now I choose to wear a different type of dress pants that look really good and are comfortable too. Swak is a company that isn’t talked about a lot but has wonderful clothes that fit so well. I am a 6x here.

>>> You can find them here: Swak Dress Pants!

For what I use to wear (a more traditional work pant), Catherine The right fit pant was my go to! Now these only go up to 34 and I know because I have a pair in my put away things that is a 34 and I could not fit in them atm. I however love them so much I hung on to them to see If I could get back to them one day. 

>>> You can find them here: Catherine The Right Fit Pant!

Jeans – I still haven’t found the perfect jeans for me. If I get jeans that fit my thighs they are too big for my waist. I have found a solution for that – suspenders!  Just wear the suspenders under your top unless you want to bust them as a style and not just a fashion short cut. I can’t talk about jeans without talking about Universal Standard overalls! The Casey Classic Denim Overalls in Black is pictured below. I’m 38/40 and they fit perfect! I could not ask for a better fit! 

If you want overalls that fit well, look no further than Universal Standard.

>>> You can find them here: Universal Standard Casey Classic Denim Overalls

Now my first recommendation for jeans is a super expensive one. However, they are of the best quality, the best texture, length, and size can be picked. These jeans are an investment you won’t be upset about. I will not link you to a specific pair of jeans because I myself need to find a perfect pair. The high rise amongst friends seems to be the best for us bigger ladies. I will also show pictures of other Universal Standard jeans in various sizes (32, 36, 38, etc.). You really just need to try a pair, and if it doesn’t work for you send it back. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to go to find a perfect fit.

>>> You can find them here: Universal Standard Denim High Rise Jeans!

A top second is from Women’s Within through Onestopplus.  This used to be the only place I would get jeans but I sized out of them but just recently I noticed a size increase. So, I am more than happy to try them again, even experimenting with other styles.

>>> You can find them here: Women’s Within Jeans!

Capris: My favorite capris are my Superfithero leggings. Also, super compression. These are non-see through they have a pocket – what else could you want.  

>>> You can find them here: Superfithero Capri Leggings!

Back to torrid, I have always loved their capris, but just like the leggings I have sized out of them. However, for any of you smaller than I am, I’d give them a try because they are great capri length, you normally can find some sort of sale to purchase them. 

>>> You can find them here: Torrid Premium Capri Leggings!

Then we have Swak for a dressier style, the Gaucho Pants in black:

>>> You can find them here: Swak Gaucho Pants!

I have worn jean capris form Onepstoplus and been really happy with them.

>>> You can find them here: Onestopplus Jean Capris!

I’m sure there are also equally good capris on Lane Bryant. I just haven’t tried them yet. 

IF you have any particular questions about any of the above links you can email or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. I hope this helps you know where to start your search for the perfect bottoms for you! Xoxo

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