Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning used to mean a lot of things but it was at a specific time of year. Normally right around Easter time. Either right before or right after. Back when I was younger it meant things like moving the furniture to vacuum and dust behind and under, moving plants outside, taking the blinds and curtains down to wash, cleaning out the cabinets and wiping them down, cleaning up the porch to get ready for the flowers, removing the plastic off the porch screens, these types of things.  The sweatshirts would get pushed to the back and the summer things would be pulled forward if you had a big enough selection to have warm and cold options. 

Now Spring Cleaning more or less is an ongoing project from the end of February to the beginning of summer. Considering it does not get lukewarm till May here in the Northeast. I normally shift my clothes from Christmas cold to just cold…at the beginning of January. I go through what I didn’t wear that year and post them on Poshmark.  My next clothing shift will be in April. Where I will pull out my summer clothes and put away my Winter clothes. Living here though also means keeping out sweatshirts and a sweater or two and selling anything that did not see the light of day this past year.  Décor also switches, December to January is a switch then Mid-February gets a switch that will pretty much stay the same till the middle to end of April. I like to try and get rid of things each time I move things around so as to not have too many things going to waste. 

Honestly, right now I would really like to get rid of all my back clothing. I have three bends that need to be sold. I hate the room being taken up by things that aren’t useful to me. That is one of the hardest things for me to take – having room but having too much stuff occupying it. 

I have already gone through my makeup, got rid of the old and gave away what I wasn’t using. I like giving things away. It makes my heart feel good that the things I once loved get to be loved again. I am in the process of repotting and moving around plants. I have already changed my décor. Now for some deep cleaning. 

Deep cleaning is often the part that drags on the longest, especially since right now I’m unable to do a lot of it alone. Changing out blankets and pillow coverings, windows cleaned, cobwebs that sneak up in places you don’t normally clean. I try to get the boys (both teenagers now) to declutter their rooms and clean them up. 

One of our boys has ADHD and is on the spectrum. Cleaning for him is so hard sometimes and I honestly really had to work on myself in order to follow through with getting him to clean. This time around, I knew that I would have to supervise if not but to just keep him on task. I also had to remind him that it was about having room to play versus things to keep stored or all over his floor. When decisions had to be made, I would give him both sides and tell him it was up to him. It went pretty well. It took forever and when I say forever, I mean hours. We did not get everything perfect or finished but you can see his floor and things are somewhat in order. 

Then to wrap things up, I go around the house and look for things I’m tired of, or do not fit anymore. We decided if we want to donate or store. Most of the time I move something around if not everything lol… Everyone I have ever lived with has had one of the same complaints about me and that is, that I never leave anywhere long enough to even bother remembering where it is because chances or the very next day it will be somewhere else. This comes from a lot of things; I go to therapy people – I’m working on it. LOL.

 This is my ongoing Spring-cleaning process. What is yours?

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Happy Spring to those of you that get to experience it. XOXO, Evie.

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