National Month of Hope

In 1828 the word Hope received a new definition. Prior to 1828 it was defined as a wish, with Webster’s dictionary defining it further as confidence in the future. In 1991 Dr. Rosalind Tompkins founded Mothers in Crisis which began as a support group for women that grew into a full-service non-profit organization providing community-based prevention, intervention, and outpatient substance abuse services. This is a Florida based organization, and while the organization first began targeting drug addiction it has moved into food programs, referral services, chapel services, health, and wellness. This is how the National Month of Hope begins. Through the National Day Calendar, we can all spread hope to those in need. #Nationalmonthofhope is a part of the hope movement and to add to that, as a part of the HOPE Movement, Mothers in Crisis rolled out the Hope Not Hate Campaign encouraging everyone to spread messages of Hope, Not Hate.

While this nonprofit is based in Tallahassee it spreads a message that can be used throughout the world. We all need hope for the future. We all need to open our eyes to what we have and to what our neighbors may not. How can we help others to have hope?  I have been in situations in my life where there seemed to be no hope. I know I have been to a place where I had all but given up and along come hope. It would fill me and I would be renewed. 

Much like this Mothers in Crisis nonprofit, my dream is to one day be able to start a nonprofit for women in my community or be a part of a non-profit. If you are a reader of my blogs, you may recall me talking about it before – an organization that wears many hats. It would be a place where single mothers can leave their children to receive care. Teens can come when they need school help, therapy, or a safe haven from a family that isn’t so safe. It would also be a place that can provide meals to those women who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Lastly I envision a place where battered women can find sanctuary while getting on their feet. This is all under one roof that offers accessibility for all sizes, races, colors, and orientations. It may not be in my wheelhouse to make this happen on my own but it is the type of organization I want to be part of. Women protecting women is a huge idea. 

 Women supporting women should not be such a hard thing to manage, yet it is. As women, we tend to tear each other down the most. If only we could straighten the crowns of others and be happy in our own selves enough to know helping someone else to become great or do something more isn’t going to cast a shadow on you. In fact, being able to help others on their journeys makes you a pretty great person. 

This is a message of hope. Hope is for a better future. Be confident in tomorrow that through your Hope life will be better. I know we use hope so often we replace hope with other words that do not have the same effect. We say it so often we forget how beautiful of a word and meaning it can be. My hope is for a better world where women can be safe and not overlooked.  As a world, I think we can all agree that we all need a little hope for a better tomorrow and if we join together, we can make the world better. I have this hope. 

This month we will have a lot of heavy topics and some fun ones. I really hope that you come back for the next blog and tune in on the heavy topics of this month. XOXO, Evie

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