Your Cyber Monday Gift Guide For The Woman in Your Life Is Here!

Well, we are wrapping up another holiday and at the time of writing this we are 32 days away from Christmas – that means by the time you read this blog, you have even less days to shop! If you’re like most people who are sane, you want to stay out of the stores and use shipping companies that you know you can trust. With this year’s online shopping expected to bring record breaking sales, you need to shop fast, and below I have an incredible list of holiday items for the special woman in your life below, and by using the links in this blog you are also doing something for THIS woman as I will receive a commission from every purchase! 

You may ask what gives me authority to suggest gifts for your loved ones. In this case it is gifts for the women in your life, so who better to ask than another woman? When I was picking out gifts, I was thinking of things I would not mind receiving, affordable options, and of course things I myself have and love. So let’s get started. 

The top five categories of gifts for the women in your life

1. Beauty Products– You know your wife, mother, sister, etc. loves beauty stuff but you have no idea what to buy her. Check out the recommended list below, and if you’re STILL unsure, give her a gift card for a local beauty store.

  • Face masks: A face mask is a pretty general and safe gift, and it can be used while soaking in a bath bomb bath!

Click here to shop: or

  • Invisibobble hair ties – Another thing that us women can never have too many of is Invisibobble hair ties. These ties are the best ties, and it is the one thing I’m refusing to buy the off-brand version of!

Click here to shop:

  • Eco tools makeup brushes – From all the makeup brushes I have used, eco tools is at the top of the list being the best. 

Click here to shop:

  • Bath bombs – Bath bombs can make a normal bath turn into a day spa bath. Women really like to smell good and feel good and this is a great way for them to do both.  

Click here to shop:

  • Compact Mirror with light – great for on the go touch ups!

Click here to shop:

  • Eos lip balms – Not to sound like a broken record but literally you can not have too many lip balms. During the winter you need one in every bag, jacket and space near you.

Click here to shop:

  • Remington Hot Rollers – Curls hair fast, and makes it look silky and beautiful!

Click to shop:

2. Things for the home – Try to stick to what they love based on their personality. These are the best I have found!

  • Cute pillow cases – Pillow cases that state something cute or funny is always a personal detail that will not be pushy. I have several different options for you here:

Click here to shop:,,, or

  • Dishes – Dishes (and the patterns on them) need to go along with something they collect already or have really been looking for.

Click here to shop:,,


  • Candles – Candles are a sure-fire win! (See what I did there).

Click here to shop:,, or 

  • Blankets – One of my favorite gifts last year was from a dear friend, she bought me one of these blankets listed here. I absolutely love it – not only is it warm, it’s lightweight and so pretty. 

Click here to shop:,, or

  • Travel mug – Instead of spending a lot of money buying coffee at stores, making coffee at home could be a great New Year’s resolution! Now all you need is that perfect mug! 

Click here to shop:

3. Winter gear – Now if you live in a southern state this is not the category you want to get gifts from. If you live in the colder states, keep reading. 

  • Scarves, hats, and gloves – Scarves, hats, gloves, can be bought also in pretty universal sizes, but you will need to pay attention to sizing. Over all, those things will be gifts that will most likely be a hit due to the high amount of use they will get. 

Click here to shop: 

Scarves:,, or

Hats:,, or

Gloves: or

  • Slippers – Slippers are also one of those universal gifts that just keep giving. Wearing a pair of comfy warm slippers is like getting a hug so how nice would it be to give a gift that reminds the receiver of your warm hugs. 

Click here to shop: or

4. Mental Health – During the holidays everyone tends to be stressed. We should strive to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, and try to help others as well. These gifts below can help make your loved one feel a bit better. 

  • Coloring books – Coloring books are an amazing way to express love for a friend. Get a book with something your friend or family member loves and add a pack of new markers or pencils and you are suddenly winning!

Click here to shop:,, or

  •  Weighted blanket – A weighted blanket is a very personal and thoughtful gift as it’s been proven to improve sleep and provide a calming effect. 

Click here to shop: or

  • Massagers – For more expensive gifts you have massagers (NO, not that kind)  such as back, feet, leg, neck massagers. You can’t go wrong trying to bring physical relief. 

Click here to shop: or

5. Jewelry – Jewelry is an intimate gift no matter how you look at it. They will mostly be having these things for a long time with the memory of who bought them (you) along with it. 

  • Earrings – Some tips for choosing earrings: Make sure you know if the recipient wears pierced or clip earrings. Try to stick to timeless and classy pieces like the ones I suggest here. 

Click here to shop:,,,, or

  • Bracelets – Standard bracelet sizes are 6 ½ to 7 inches, but there are people with smaller wrists or larger. So basically, use common sense with this.

Click here to shop:,,, or

  • Necklaces – Necklaces often come in a variety of lengths, with 18 inches in length being common. For those who like a longer length, you can buy extensions that hook onto the clasps. 

Click here to shop:

Lastly – don’t forget about GIFT CARDS. Amazon has amazing gift card features that are so great. You can purchase them and send them electronically at a pre-set time and day. For the lucky receiver they can use those funds on the site or with amazon owned items like amazon books, music etc. You can never go wrong with a gift card. 

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide and I want to hear about the products you chose to get through my links above. God bless you on your shopping journey… Merry Christmas!

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