Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The Hustle & Bustle of Holiday Shopping (and craziness!)

Do you remember the time before black Friday and cyber-Monday was a thing? Honesty it’s hard to remember but yes, it is vaguely in my memory. Yes, girls and boys – there was a time that people shopped all year long; had bank accounts set aside for Christmas; and there was a thing called layaway! Nowadays kids especially have no idea what those things are like or in some cases never even heard of them. 

In the past, Christmas shopping was often left to the last possible moment and you would see people acting like they didn’t know they had plenty of time beforehand to shop if they wouldn’t procrastinate. I was in my early 20’s the first year Black Friday hit the stores like Wal-Mart, Target etc.  I have never physically taken part of Black Friday shopping – I have been online shopping, scooping up the deals. Each year the internet gets more and more advanced and progressive with the sales of Black Friday shopping. I don’t personally like the idea of Black Friday. I think it is wrong to make people work on Thanksgiving evening – so much for traveling and spending time with family! I know that if I had to work on the holidays and it took me away from my home, I would not be happy. Doesn’t everyone deserve days off? What I love is how accessible the BFS (Black Friday Sales) are.  Sometimes you have to be diligent and really have patience because sites are crashing and things are selling out before you get to check out. 

This leads me into why I heavily lean on Amazon. For one, Amazon is fast. Most of the time we get things the next day or within the week of ordering. Did you know they will also gift wrap and allow you to write personal messages? Well, they do! Amazon also has affiliate programs, like the one I have. The affiliate program allows me to give you links to help you shop and helps me by giving me a commission on every sale. Why am I telling you all this? I will be posting some “Shop With Me” guides in the days leading up to Christmas so that you can get some ideas or steal mine ;). If you use the codes I leave in the blogs I would love and be so appreciative of it. Happy Shopping!

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