A Timeline of Birthdays – In Pictures

To wrap up my Birthday month, I decided we would take a hike back into history and pull out a timeline of pictures. Folks, that is what I have done. By doing so there has been a lot of real healing being done. 

 Hope you scroll for the walkthrough of my 44 years. 

In my Mommy’s tummy! 
Born 8lb 9oz, but lost alot of it when milk was not my friend.
Looks like my 1st Birthday. This was in Texas.
My 2nd Birthday – still in Texas!
I’m Five here, I would start kindergarten in a few days! This is in Louisiana 
This is my 7th birthday @ Many Church of the Nazarene.
My 8th birthday, the weird hair is still present! 
1990 12 yrs old – still really bad hair! Birthday with my Family
Sweet 16 and no serious kissing! 
1996 18yrs old…Cake with the bestie!
24 in 2002 living on my own with friends! Not sober yet . 
2015 possibly-37th birthday. My Long Island friends! Sober and dealing with my fractured Spine! 
Possibly 38th Birthday!
40 with friends in Jersey! My last birthday married. Not Sober! 
First Birthday in Massachusetts 
43 birthday Sober again! 

These pictures are more than just birthday pictures; they tell a story of weight, hair, friends , life evolving. Some super great memories and some muddied with alcoholism and pain.  Over all Birthdays we’re a high point on my life journey! Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane! How important are the pictures you can hold in your hand now versus finding them on your phone ? 



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