Kailani’s Birthday

Today my sweet girl turns 21. We used to have many dreams of this day and how we would spend it together. Now we are apart and live way more than a few minutes apart. How I miss the fact we were so close. I imagine now that if I lived there still, she would be dropping by all the time to say hi and chill with me. 

Since I’m not close anymore we text and occasionally call. I miss her terribly. In many ways, she was a bestie. I could talk to my niece even though we had 20 years between each other and she somehow would give the best advice even when she was quite young. She was my friend. I choose her often over everyone else in my life to spend time with or talk to. When I left it was K. that gave me so much understanding when she herself was hurt by me leaving my life behind. She is just so special to me. 

So, we (ex and I) spent a lot of time with her family. We often slept over and I would use this time for a catch-up session with K. I would sleep in her room and we would cuddle. She wasn’t sure if it was her or her bed, I was there for but deep down my affection for her bed was only a small part. I loved those long nights when we would fall asleep talking. All the giggles and OMGS. She was so funny. I had not met anyone that loved a selfie more than I did. We did braces together, we accepted things alike by totally not accepting them and we rebelled. Gosh, I may need to apologize to her mom because she learned that rebelling from someone! EEK. 

Now if you ask any of K’s adults how she was as a teenager not one single one of us will say she was an easy kid. BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT AN EASY KID. She put us all through the worry ringer. We worried and worried some more. Eventually, she sorted it all out even though she had a huge dash of attitude, she was a great kid. For years though it was worrying about her not eating enough, and her dating too young. To her smart mouth (ugh) again I hope I was not the one she learned that from!  She is the one who taught me to love horror movies. She is the one that taught me how to use snap chat. I’d like to think I taught her how to do make-up and how to love with her entire heart. 

My beautiful girl is now a beautiful woman. 21 and thriving. She is one of the most beautiful souls inside and out. I am so proud to be her aunt and know that some of me are in her brain and heart. I love you more than words will ever express. I’m proud of you as if you were my own kid. You will forever live in my heart where I hold all the best memories and maybe that one time you told me you didn’t have to listen to me… LOL

Xoxo Aunt Evie

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