Summers in New York

I have had the longing for Ralph’s Italian ice and a long drive with the window down where you can smell the ocean way before you can see it. New York summers will always have a place in my heart. Imagine the first summer in a new place. You are used to nothing but summers of extreme heat and long days avoiding the sun or chasing it. Long Island, if you can believe, slowed down – well as much as New Yorkers can. The heat was never extreme. The light breeze was like a soft kiss. 

Early on I was introduced to Montauk. It is the eastern end of the south end of the island. There is this pull-off before you get to the end and if you step out of your car and look towards the ocean it is like you are on the highest peak, seeing as far the eye can see but feeling like you could see the end of the world. The mixture of the smell of the ocean, the breeze blowing your hair back in the supermodel way, and the view is all such an orgasmic mix. 

Can you be in love with a place? I had many places I loved on the island, but Montauk has my heart. The memories I have there are special and sweet. From stolen kisses to kisses that ended fights with my then-husband, to long day picnics and exploring day with my mama. My friends got engaged at the top of the lighthouse there. It was just a beautiful place with the power to charm you. If you can be in love with a place, it would be Montauk to me. 

Now as far as my place to swim, sunbathe, and watch the sun go down is a place called Orient Point. It is a beautiful beach/nature reserve, and park. You could watch the ferry come and go as the speed boats fly by causing waves. I went there a lot with friends, with my then-husband, I took my mom there, and once I went by myself. This drive into the park has on one side the ocean and on the other a bog like an area, it is beautiful. At the end, a circle drives to the parking lot and there is the beach right there. The beach was a perfect mix of shell/gravel and sand. 

This one day I went there with a friend and her children. As I watched the children play it was like I was seeing it through children’s eyes. We were there so long the sun began to go down. It was one of the perfect Days on Long Island where the weather was warm enough for the wind to not be cold yet it was comforting. The ocean was lapping at the sand, and the beach was completely empty. The sun setting was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time. That day will forever be one of my favorite days ever – they literally had to run us out so they could close. 

Summer was great because there were so many great things to do. I wasn’t fond of the water at the beaches because the water was too cold for me. But it didn’t matter, I just loved being near it. I hope you can see these beautiful places through my eyes and those of you that have been there. Maybe you will take notice of how lucky you are to see it. 

xoxo, Evie

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