National Kissing Day

Because it is National Kissing Day, I hope you get to kiss and be kissed with the magic, fierceness, and passion that you rightfully deserve. 

The kiss-

It’s funny how many times I have thought about this kiss. I don’t remember details about days later, nor do I even remember a lot about this night but what I do remember is the kiss. He turned the corner, and my legs went weak. Here he was in person – within reaching distance, touching distance, and omg will he kiss me? Of course, he’s going to kiss me. Omg did I brush my teeth? I have no idea if I brushed my teeth but I remember literally demanding my feet to move, my legs to hold me. 

We hugged, he put the things he brought down and then walked back to me and said let’s do this properly. Of course, a bit of awkwardness had to happen with our glasses, but it only took a moment. His lips were covering mine.

Y’all when I say the world stopped, I seriously mean the world totally stopped yet was spinning so fast I could barely breathe. I’m not sure I did breathe. His hands slid around my body and pulled me closer, I felt like his hands were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The taste of his kiss, the softness of his lips, the tilt of his head. I was swooning, my face tilted up to his, such a perfect fit. His tongue slipped into my mouth drawing me closer, a moan escaping my mouth… Oh, where did that come from? My soul was on fire, my mind was spinning, and my mouth was craving more and more. 

I don’t remember how it stopped. I don’t know why it stopped. I just know it did. I would only have his kisses twice but how that first one scorched my memory. All kisses since then all kisses to come will never be that kiss.  Young, being brave, exploring things I had never done. You were not my first kiss nor were you my last but you will always be the fire that never quite goes out. 

The second kiss for the books (different kisser) 

The first kiss between my ex and I was fast and extremely wet. But so sweet. He had braces at the time so it was understandable.  Later he would ask me if he was a good kisser and I said yes but I must have paused too long. The next day, we were out, and the other people with us were going to do a Cave thing that I had no interest in and I didn’t think I could do because of my size. It was Missouri’s hot fourth of July.

 I was sitting in the truck, waiting with the window down. I was half asleep and the door opened and before I knew it i’m laying in his arms and he was kissing me upside down like spider man style kiss… It was the most breathtaking kiss. I literally felt swept off my feet. The kiss was like fire and not just because it was hot outside. I felt the heat start in my toes and gently run up my body rocking my soul.  He ended it, set me back up, shut the door, and told me that was his redo…. I spent our entire relationship chasing that kiss. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy that closeness as I did, but this kiss I hope I always remember because it was one of the sweetest moments in my life. 

My kisses of today- 

Every kiss with Jeremy feels like I’m standing in a space of just him and me. It’s our world and no one can damage it! 

 From our very first kiss to the one he gave me last night there has been an intense feeling I had never felt till I started kissing Jeremy. I like to sometimes open my eyes and look into his beautiful blue eyes, and drift away into nothingness where clouds surround me, and I’m floating along in a magical setting. 

Jeremy is one that likes shutting his eyes so for me to catch him with his eyes open is magic. Even though we rarely are playing music, his kisses make me feel like love songs are playing. He lets me be me, and he has shown me so many magical things, kissing is just one on top of a very heated and sexy first. 

 I don’t allow my face to be touched but I let Jeremy. The favorite part of our kisses is his hand slowly sliding up to brace my face. The soft kiss becomes more romantic and deeper. After all, he knows I’m giving him a part of me that others haven’t had.  His tongue stroking a feeling that keeps getting more and more intense. I think this is what love feels like? It doesn’t always have to be lengthy and sensual or hot and fast, it just has to be with him. 

Wishing you all kisses that leave you weak in your knees! Xoxo, Evie

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