National Flip Flop Day- Find Some Must-Haves on Amazon!

Something to know about me is that I love flip-flops. I’d rather wear flip-flops than any other shoe. At one time in my life, I had over 50 pairs. I had a real obsession. This month has been all about the feet. I guess it is the month that is approved for bare feet or flip-flop feet. 

Over the years this is one form of shoe that is easy to find and you don’t have to break the bank. I mean sure, if you want to pay high $ there are plenty of those options but we’re not about that here so let’s look into some great flip flop finds. Click the italicized brands below to go check them out!

Rocket dog flip flops are one of my favorites for wide feet. However, these are made for outdoor use or on carpets because on a slick floor you are liable to go selling across the floor. The positives about these flip flops are that they are wide (order your size or a size down). They are extremely comfortable, the thick foam and the wideband along with arch support comfort-wise you can’t get better. 

Nike Flip Flop – Now, this is a pricier shoe, and it isn’t wide-friendly. For instance, I wear an 8 – 8 ½ normally but with Nike flips, I have to go up to a 9. These have a decent grip, mostly comfortable, but there is something about when I wear them that I don’t feel as stable as I would like. But that more or less is just me! The bands are wide but the middle toe piece can get a little irritating if all-day wearing. Even so, this makes my top five list. 

CentroPoint Women’s Flip Flops – Now I love these. I also have a very flat foot and I like being as close to the ground as humanly possible so I don’t feel weird walking. This is a style that you can find at almost every store around. Just for my watch for where the straps connect to the soles. I like the side connection as it doesn’t cause pain to walk. I also like these because they are inexpensive and you can have them in every color during the summer so that you will always have the perfect shoe to go with whatever you are wearing.  These are thin so size up. I wear a 9. The fit is great. They are not the most comfortable shoe but its better than most in this flat style. While I totally suggest these for traveling, dinner, church, or picnic, I do not recommend them for all-day shopping, hiking, or any form of long-distance walking. 

Tommy Hilfiger – I use to exclusively wear TH. Their fit, while not wide width, still managed to fit great, non-slip, offered in tons of colors (back in the day) they offer two here. I could wear these all-day shopping and my feet would be good however if your feet are super wide these would not work. Not sure what makes them better but maybe it is the fact the thong part isn’t super loose so you don’t have to hold your shoes on when walking. Not quite sure. But had to find them to add to the list. 

Yellow Box – These flip-flops are nice shoes. There is a bit of a rise, and good griping, and the best part is they are super cute. I don’t feel like they last as long as some of the others they are a good flip-flop. They are also not super thin and not super thick either. I do feel like I could wear a 8 but if you want the extra room go for the 9 or size up.

These are some of the ones I have tried over the years that I really adore. There are some not found on amazon that I could suggest such as Kohl’s. I never fails to have a great variety of flip flops that are on sale in some form. Also, DSW is another really good place to pick up name brand flip flops for reasonable prices. Target and Walmart both normally have a good selection as well. For me, Target shoes always seem to be on the thin side and overpriced. Walmart does not have as much selection as normally had a better variety of widths. 

I hope you find all the flips and no flops. Summer is a time to show off those toes. Talking about showing off your toes, maybe during the winter your feet have been on the bottom of the list for self care. Well never fear Evies here with a suggestion on how to get great looking feet in a week to 10 days. i honestly did not think this would work but even on my heavy callused feet. These feet masks you can get from amazon do a amazing job. So, what do you do? You have clean feet and put them into this plastic bag, tie it up for 45 or more minutes ( I try to leave it on longer) and then wash your feet and wait! Within four days your feet begin to peel! By day ten you have softer prettier feet!

Hope you have a great summer! XOXO

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