Stress – The Silent Killer

Stress is bad for you, we all know this. Most of us as humans know some form of stress. We know that some of us let stress build up till we explode but do we really understand what it does to our bodies? Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand. The build-up of stress causes anxiety to become symptomatic more often than not.  Stress causes the body to begin to break down. Stress has been found to be related to cardiac disease, inflammatory diseases, immune systems, and even cancer. No wonder stress is called a killer.

At this point in your life, are you stressed out because of what stress could be doing to you? Well, we can learn from it, from those who understand it and control it. We will call them lucky people. The article I just read calls these lucky people “successful people”. Now, this next statement is so “easy” of a solution but as most of us know it is completely unattainable most of the time. Do the following consistently: exercise, get plenty of sleep, and maintain healthy eating habits.  However unattainable this must be for some of us, this seems to be the key to surviving stress. In fact, the article went on to say that successful people thrive on stress, they recognize that everything they do is a choice. A choice they are making to let stress control them or not. 

Is it really that simple to choose to let stress bother you or not? Surely, we have not been just letting stress control us when we had the power to let it go. I am led to remember something my grandfather used to say. If you can’t change it, why worry about it. And the statement I have probably heard the most in my life: Let God handle it. I for one have never been the type to let anyone have any of my stress or worry. I carried it all on my own. I in fact envy people that can just let God have it and not worry. I wonder what it is that is in people that defines them as stressed and not stressed. Either way, I would love to thrive to be one of these lucky people that know how to handle stress. 


  • Accept stress: in life stress will happen no matter what you do 
  • Keep issues in proper perspective: Will this spilt milk ruin my day or is it just spilled milk?
  • Stay healthy: mentally and physically
  • Choose healthy coping skills: Like a walk instead of crying for hours on end
  • To be alone or to be social? An equal amount will help keep you stress-free 
  • Acknowledge your choices, and stop thinking life is spontaneously bad: The “lucky people” understand their decisions led them to where they are 
  • Look for the silver lining in things: “The show I am in was postponed, now at least I have more time to rehearse!”

I have been trying for quite some time to put these tips to use. The fact is, some of us just have a really hard time doing this. If you can’t implement all these tips at once then choose one or two to try and start changing your life. Do not let stress lead to anxiety lead to health issues. Take a stand for yourself and say no to stress. We are in this together. So, it’s no wonder there is an entire month to focus on stress. XOXO, Evie

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