Get Ready, Get Set! It’s GAME NIGHT!

Does your family have a game night? Fun fact: I was not allowed to play any games with dice or cards. That is till my Nanna bought me Monopoly. We only ever played it together once or twice. My family just did not do things together like that. 

However, with my friend in high school where I spent most of my days, is where I found my love for games. It was ok if my grandparents didn’t know that I learned to play poker, rummy, and continual (a great card game that took hours). We also played games together on Nintendo, board games, dice games. If you could play it, we did it. The funny thing now I look back at it all started out as being forced into playing these things with the mom of my friend. She would keep us up late into the nights playing continually. She was about the only reason I ever played a Nintendo game. However, I would not take back one moment that made me feel part of something special. 

We played that particular game so much and so often we taught it to other friends, and they would teach it to their friends. I have even taught it to Jeremy’s Kids. It has stayed a true test of time as a favorite. 

Now let’s talk about board games. Monopoly was my first board game and I took a real liking to it. My best friend and I would play it often and we would get into so many arguments because we were both insane about winning. We would grow up to live together for quite some time and together we collected monopoly games. In which we had to stop playing because we fought so much over it. I mostly refuse to play it nowadays. I am not a competitive person normally but with that game or anytime I’m playing Jeremy I am super completive. 

My all-time favorite board game (not really a board game) is Scattergories. It was a game I was actually really good at. I found a love for this also because of my friend’s mother.  She and I would always dominate that game. To this day I can’t find anyone that loves it as much as she and I did. 

Some of my other favorite games have been 

  • Yahtzee 
  • Clue
  • Pandemic (this surprised me) – but actually playing this helped me to understand the spread of Covid. 
  • Hungry Hippo
  • Numerous card games

Since I moved here and began living with Jeremy, I have been introduced to so many new (to me) games. Jeremy has a huge collection of games from all ranges of complications. I feel like playing games that the first year really helped me and the boys to form a connection. We have so much fun when we play it makes your kids become actual people. We don’t play games as much as we used to but, I am so thankful for when we do. We laugh so much and just talk. It really is such a blessing. I’ll admit most of the time that we do play now we have to make the kids, however, once they get into it, they have a blast and will admit they were glad they played. 

Some tips for making the game night a success

  • A unique snack you know they love but you don’t have often
  • Music playing in the background, especially if you have teens
  • Let the kids pick the game, or you pick three you want to play and let the teens pick out of those! 
  • Don’t set limits to the time 
  • Let everything go, focus on your kids, laugh, talk, try not to be stuffy or frustrated, let them be kids. 

I hope this inspires you to reach out to your kids, and plan a game night. If you don’t have any games, and really want some board or card games that you all can do together look no further than Amazon. On my amazon storefront, I have a few of our favorites listed in How to survive winter. You can find them by clicking HERE.

XOXO, Evie

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