Blog Series: Internet Relationship #8 – What A Very Small World We Live In

The weird world of the internet. I can not talk about internet relationships without talking about my very strange and twisted story of friendship, love, and the “internet webs”. Ok let me take you through the chain of events that would forever change my life. 

Characters of this story (Names have been changed out of respect) –

Daisy (the connecting factor)

Daffy- (would become Daisy’s boyfriend)

Mickey- (the guy)

My ex- (self-explanatory)

Minnie- (the older lady that introduced me and Mickey)

Me- being Evie

Back story- Way before any of this particular story began, I used to talk to Daffy and we would play games and talk. He wasn’t for me romantically; we would always just be friends. Meanwhile Daisy and my Ex were friends, having been that way since he was 13. The last connection that was happening before this story begins is Minnie and Mickey were hooking up. So now that you have all the connections in mind, let me get into this very odd story.

 I would meet my friend Minnie on a web site for fat people and the people that admire them.  She became a good friend pretty fast. She would teach me things about the internet, tell me about people that I had seen online but didn’t know. She was a hub of information and honestly the start of my body positivity journey.  After being friends for some time, spending time on video chatting, Minnie, introduced me to Mickey online. Mickey and I began talking at once, and it was like a bee to nectar. I could not get enough of him and he could not get enough of me. Soon Minnie would invite me to come visit her. She offered me a place to stay and get settled, because at that time I wanted to leave Louisiana.  So off I went in with hope to start my new life. I told her one thing: do not tell Mickey I was coming because I wanted my mind clear and not clouded with lust. 

Once I was there, it was not exactly what I had expected. I had a lot of things to adjust to fast. Mentally it was a lot to deal with. I was starving and overworking my body. However, I was also having fun.  Minnie had so many stories about people I didn’t know and some I did, and we would do things I had not done before. It was like having a mother figure and a best friend in one.  Although she resented the notion I saw her as a mother figure. Minnie had a lot of issues about aging, being sick, and not being able to get around as freely as I could at the time. She was always testing me over things.

Minnie had lots of stories and one night she would tell me about this girl Daisy and how Daisy, Minnie, and Mickey would go to BBW parties together and hang out.  Minnie then told me how their friendship fell apart.  Apparently because of something Daisy did or didn’t do with Mickey.  At first, I was horrified, what kind of girl was Daisy and shame on Mickey for hurting Minnie like that. It made me not want to talk to Mickey anymore, although I was longing to talk to him and tell him I was there. I stood strong. However, at the end of week two, I am sitting in my room working on something on my laptop and I hear Minnie call out for me to answer my messenger request for a video chat. I answer and it is Mickey. He and I would chat but then he realized where I was. He wanted to know why I had waited so long to tell him and I told him I was trying to keep my head straight. Before I knew what was happening, he was on the phone with Minnie asking if he could come see me. She said yes with stipulations. It would not be long till I was in the exact same position as Daisy. So apparently Minnie had a history of making friends with girls, introducing them to Mickey and when they would get involved with Mickey, she would put the girls out of her life. 

Mickey came to see me. We made out and Minnie accused me like she accused Daisy of doing more than making out in her home. I was tossed out of her home in a city I knew very little about, with very little money. I had no choice but to get a room at a motel. I had very few choices. I ended up paying for a crap motel room (think Schitt’s creek cringe motel). I had to figure out what I would do from this point on. After trying to find an apartment or get government help for living with no success, I called home and agreed to come back home and live with my bestie again. She would come get me in a couple days. After that was settled, I made a decision that would change my life forever. I called Mickey and told him that I’d be leaving the state in a day or so. Mickey would come stay with me that night. I gave a part of myself to Mickey that night. I was 26, and up to that point I had held on to the only thing I had control over in my life. I gave him literally a part of my soul. I remember crying leaving the state, silent tears of leaving the only person that had ever made me feel beautiful up to that point.

So, this brings us through how I knew Minnie and Mickey and had heard about Daisy.  Moving on, the second time I would be hearing about Daisy was after about four or five months after I returned home. After returning home there was a period that Mickey and I did not talk. Then we began to talk more on cam, share photos, calls, and discuss life. I loved watching him work on art. Eventually we talked about getting together. As most of us girls do, I hear “we are together” and he heard “maybe.” One day during this period of me thinking he and I are together, I have a guy friend message me telling me his wife told him to tell me that I needed to go to Daisy’s page. I didn’t know Daisy even had a page till that moment. So, I went to her page and there was a photo of her and Mickey. I refused to believe what was being implied in the text under the photo.  I immediately wrote to her and asked if what she said in the picture text was meaning she hooked up with him and inquired as to what their relationship was.  

Apparently, Mickey had forgotten to tell me just how he knew Daisy and that they were longtime friends and yes, they had hooked up in the past as well as just that past weekend. Daisy wanted to know why I was asking and I told her that Mickey had told me we were in a relationship. Which in my naive state I truly believed he had! Daisy and I start speaking regularly after that first awkward message. I thought she was pretty cool. We both agreed Mickey was in the wrong and soon we became friends.  During this Mickey was blocked out of my life.  

Minnie and I would mend our friendship and soon after she would pass away. I got so mad that I had to find it out from a stranger. I assumed Mickey knew and didn’t tell me so I called him yelling at him and in fact he was taken by surprise and was very upset over the loss of Minnie. We in grief became friends and stayed friends. Sometimes more. Sometimes not. 

If all of that was not a big enough oddness and honestly a puzzle to put together at times. It gets more twisted and complicated. Try to hang on and get through this next twist of fate. One day in October, I got a message from the man who would become my Ex on Myspace saying he wanted to talk to me and that he found me through Daisy. Apparently, he had asked Daisy about me and if he could talk to me. Well, we know how that worked out.

My friendship with Daisy blossomed. Turns out I really liked Daisy. She is smart, sweet and funny. We are about 8 or 9 years apart. She is the kind of lady you want to be friends with. She just knows how to have fun. The more we talked, and especially after she had introduced me to my then boyfriend (my ex) We had some things in common, one being the man that she had started long distance dating with.   When I found out Daffy and Daisy were dating, I had to laugh at the small world we seemed to be in. 

Daffy was from Germany. One day Daisy and I were talking and she messaged me and asked if I would want to meet up in a state between us that was a halfway point because Daffy was coming to the US and they both would love to meet me in person. Well of course I wanted to meet two friends at once. To my big surprise Daisy and My ex were in the works to have him come also. So, my ex took the train to Daisy’s home. Daisy, Daffy, and my ex would soon surprise me with his presence half way between Daisy and my states one very hot Fourth of July. 

After that fateful meeting, Daisy and I both lost important people in our life just two days apart. She and Daffy broke up. My ex and I visited Daisy at her home during one road trip before we married. Then my ex and I got married.  Daffy, my ex, and myself stayed really close friends. Daisy and I sadly didn’t stay in contact too well but have stayed casual friends. My ex and I divorced. Daffy and I would stay friends and Daffy would even become friends with my current fiancé. As for Mickey we are also still friends. In fact, if you’re a return reader you may have caught the internet relationship blog about him last month. 

Wow this was a confusing story to write and keep all the facts in order, and people separated using code names… Have you ever had paths cross that leaves you totally confused at how small the world can be when you’re on the internet? There are so many more crossing paths that I have made online but this one was the most indebted and life changing. 

XOXO, Evie

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