Who Inspires Me

In my life, I have not easily been “inspired”. It takes so much for me to feel inspiration. When you ask me who my favorite celebrity is, I still say the same one as when I was an early teen. When you ask me who inspired me most in life it’s the same answer as when I was young. As we are a new world with new technologies we have been opened up to an entirely different experience from what our parents and their parents before them had. We can find someone doing any number of things at the touch of a few keystrokes. 

Sometimes you meet someone and at first you’re not sure how they fit in your life, but over time you know why – they are there to inspire you, love you, and keep you honest. Friendship often begins because of some “likeness” you share. Here on-line I have made friends just because I was fat and people could resonate where I come from. Others may follow me because of my desire to be a mental health advocate, due to my heart issues (and they can relate), or for other reasons. 

What is a friend? A friend is someone that you generally care about. Someone you like from hello and fall in love with over time. A friend knows you and loves you anyway! You can laugh together, cry together, be silent together, work together, and be friends. 

When you admire someone it is often for a lot of reasons. Someone can always make you smile. You can admire someone for talent, the way they motivate you, the way they do something in their life. You admire people because of some reason that inspires you. 

When someone inspires you it’s often because of the fact you admire something about them. Inspiration is a funny thing, you can almost be dead inside and when the right person steps into your life and inspires you, you are transformed. 

My presence on the internet has introduced me to many that I admire. However still inspiration is few and far between. It just so happens I have a personal friend that has inspired me. The trifecta in fact: a friend, a friend who I admire, and a friend who inspires me. 

Let me tell you a little about this friend. They are one amazing person. They are “self-made”, if you will. They have loved, cared, nursed, and taught (it’s like changing shoes). Their closet would have to be huge for all the shoes they have to fill. This person has an amazing ability to make people laugh, even when she has fresh tears. They teach so many lessons each day. I’d imagine they get so tired. They rarely ever complain. Another attribute is their patience. Learning to be patient I know for a fact isn’t easy but they are always so patient.  

I could go on and on about this dear friend. I’d like to touch on some personal things this friend has done for me: Out of the blue friend mail will show up. The most thoughtful of gifts, the most thoughtful words. They have patience with me when I’m all over the place (which if you know me you know is often). They help me and console me. I am a better person because of my friend. 

She is my friend, my assistant. She is an educated woman, a mother, a daughter, and a juggler of responsibilities. She is self made. I love you Misty and if I can be half the woman you are then I’ll be far ahead of everyone else! 

Who inspires you??? XOXO, Evie

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