What Scents Can Do!

Collaborating with a fragrance brand recently had me writing a social media post. Like most posts, I just start writing and it just flows out.  This particular post made me think about the importance of smells. Think about it: how many things in your life are related to smell? Your clothes, the items you use, your house, other people. I know I’m big on smells. They send me back in time to a place I’ve been or something I’ve done. 

Some of my favorite smells are pool water and suntan lotion (for the remembrance of all the summer fun I’ve spent in pools and at beaches).  I also love the smell of fresh grass and rain as it reminds me of my home and hot summer days when the rain would come and the entire world seemed better! Oh! Let’s not forget about men’s cologne! If a man smells good it sends me back to Sunday mornings when my papaw would be dressed for church and he would ask me how he looked and smelled! I loved how he smelled! Not all smells can bring good memories. The fake strawberry flavoring in strawberry milk makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it! It reminds me too much like the medicine they gave me for this terrible medical test that often would make me feel sick. Another smell that isn’t so pleasant is the smell of burnt tires, which takes me back to the day I had a wreck. Baby powder and the smell of  hairspray I love though, as it reminds me of my childhood before I turned 13 waking up each day in a cloud of those smells from my nana and mom dressing for the day! 

Now that I collaborate with Dossier, a company that makes fragrances inspired by the elite brands (the brands that sell perfumes that are often way out of a normal person’s budget), I was able to recreate some of those good memories. I picked out two fragrances and I was hoping I’d love them but I was not prepared for the out and out time travel the scent of the fragrances gave me. Once again I experienced the pure joy of a white-headed blondie with a tie-shoulder jumper on, running through the flowers barefoot picking them as fast as she could before she could be told no… 

Let me just set the scene: I grew up on a mile long road with 15 acres of land. Across the road was my mom, and she had a lot of land as well. Her yard from the dirt road all the way back to her home was nothing but flower beds. As far as your eye could see in every direction her yard was covered. Spring was the best time of all! Daffodils, Tuberose, and all the other sweet smelling spring flowers of Louisiana… I used to go lay in the grass amongst those flower beds and just smell the air! How simple life was! Well that land for both families is no more and there have been many changes. I have not smelled Louisiana spring in many many years – probably 13 or more! I missed it so…. 

But now when I spritz those two fragrances I will be instantly transported back to that simple time and  beautiful place, and it will always remind me of safety and love! So you see why I love working with Dossier, and you see why I rave about them. I wanted to share this joy with you, dear readers. Do you love high end fragrances but just can’t see spending a lot of money because of those high end prices? Dossier fragrances are highly similar alternatives. In fact, I’ve tried some of the best high end perfumes and put Dossier to the test. Shockingly, I could not tell the difference! 

Here is a code you can use on the Dossier website to get up to 30% off – a little gift from me to you. Now you can smell high end with a bit more money in your pocket now! Click here: https://dossier.co/discount/EvieN10

xoxo – Evie

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