All About Mondays

Mondays… Why do we hate them so? I used to think of Sundays as the end of my week and Mondays as the beginning. If we look at the week from a traditional point of view, Sunday was always considered the start of the week and Saturday was the end. I think religiously it was in the mindset of starting the week right with God and resting. Whichever way you see the week, Mondays are always there, always the beginning of a work week, and always something most of us dread. 

For me, things are a little different. In response to my great need to revive/rest from the hustle and bustle of the weekend, when Monday comes I then lose an entire day that I need to be productive. Instead of being productive I am so exhausted that I don’t want to move. It sometimes feels like we pack a week’s worth of activities into two days, which is easy to do when you have a family with kids. I don’t know how some parents have more than two kids and we don’t even have my spouses’ boys all week. We have them from Thursday – Sunday every other weekend and Thursday to Saturday the other weeks. Honestly, I would love to have them full time but I am also thankful for having time to do my work during the week. So how am I trying to change my Monday woes? 

First by actively changing my train of thought and getting more organized. Starting this past week, I have a Monday morning meeting with my PA (Personal Assistant). We do this via the internet on conference calls. We talk about the things we need to accomplish during the week, my calendar, and basically get everything ready for a successful week. This made such a huge difference last week. We are starting today with a Monday meeting that I think will be a weekly occurrence.  It felt good to have a plan and know when I would be doing what. For so many years I refused to be on a schedule like this due to all my plans crashing down. I now understand that having a schedule means you try your hardest to stay on track but that doesn’t mean plans can’t change. Change isn’t always easy to think about. However, if you have a plan in place the changes don’t seem so bad. 

Another thing that helps me is to get up, make the bed, and get dressed right away. Mondays can be the day you wear your favorite outfit or something super calming. You may even want Monday to be your dress up day if that is what makes you feel the best. I prefer to wear my comfortable, favorite items. 

I also like to make sure I take time for my facial routine. It means a lot to take care of your skin – you will feel better and look better. So, start out your week with a little extra time on your face care routine. This is one of my favorite parts of Monday because I love skin care. It makes me feel renewed and ready to take on the week!

My final Monday tip, reach out to friends or family that make you feel good. Ask them how their weekend was and just enjoy a few minutes on Monday catching up with someone that you really connect with on a personal basis. 

Happy Monday my Beauties. I hope today is the best Monday you have had in a long time. 


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