Instagram post – Black Wrap Dresses ( Dia& Co )

When you think of dressing up, do you think long/short, black/color, especially if your higher plus size what do you go with?

I know for us extended size Ladies it can be tuff to find the right item of clothing that makes you feel like a hundred bucks! When it comes to dresses it’s almost impossible to say , “this dress works for all bodies!” We’re all different heights, we carry your height and weight different. We all have skin tones that are different, breast , hips , butt and belly that are different. One dress looking good on all ? Can it really be?

A wrap dress just may be the answer to that ! First let’s talk about shade – Black is such a classic shade. It can be dressed up or down, it virtually looks amazing on everyone . I mean why else would there be “the little black dress” craze! The design of a wrap dress can be very forgiving. If you need looser or tighter you have the control to make it happen. Your chest can be flat to very plump. Your tummy can big or small. It’s all due to the fact you control the fit. Imagine that a dress your in control of!

Little black wrap dress

This lovely black wrap dress that I Personally think you could dress way up or dress more causal would be perfect for most “dress-up” occasions from a wedding to a dinner out with the girls! #ad This @KIYONNA Talisa Wrap Dress that was gifted to me by @diaandco is officially one of my favorite “Little Black Dresses”! I love how it wraps and has the extremely long straps making this dress very versatile for sizes bigger than a 5X. This is more than likely going to be a midi-dress on most of you, I’m 5’10 and most of my height is through my torso… #Kiyonna is a brand that I look at almost immediately when shopping for a special occasion. The last decade I have had a few of their Dresses and I have never been disappointed . The style and the quality or both are top Notch. I’m so glad to see Dia&Co working with this company and offering them in their lineup of brands. Thank you Dia&Co for this beautiful dress!

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