Bad Self Talk

Tell me a bad habit you have in the realms of loving yourself? *I hate to admit this- It goes against everything I try to instill in all of you! You know me, I’m all about the real me, real me is flawed, and I call my self Stupid constantly. When I take photos and act weird on Snapchat, when I record and take so long recording the same sentence over and over. When I can’t get names correctly or say words like everyone else can! I feel stupid and I proceeded in telling my self it way way to much! I

don’t know how to change this. It was instilled in me for so long , now it’s a problem. A problem I have to fix. Logically, I know I’m not stupid, nut sometimes It feels so overwhelming that I have to struggle.

I know things , maybe not the things I should know but I normally can hold my own. I’m learning through the people that love me, saying I’m stupid out loud not only hurts me but hurts them as well. Your Actions are not just something you do to your self, but your doing it to those around you, that not only care about you but those that can be easy influenced or those that don’t know better. You could be triggering pain in others. Next time you go to insult yourself no matter what it is, think about the people that are around you.

You deserve for others to respect you and for you yourself to follow suit. Remember we don’t have to be perfect we’re all beautifully flawed we just have to learn to lift our selves up instead of tearing us down!

One way to help your self talk to improve or at least what is working for me is journaling. Journaling can help a lot of things. In fact I dare say everyone suffering from any form of depression or other mental Health issues should be keeping a journal.

In this situation of how to improve your self talk , is when you write down the words you are verbally saying to yourself , you see them written. Then Imagine a younger you reading those words, Imagine how you would have felt seeing or hearing those words as a younger you. You see how painful they are. Maybe you have heard those words as a younger you. Seeing these words can possibly start a process in your mind. You remember how it feels to be little’d and talked down to. Maybe just Maybe You will begin to feel a over whelming desire to preserve the mental Health of the younger you. Thus preserving the mental Health of the present day you.

While that is just one way I approach this issue with journaling, Another way Is to imagine your child or the child you hope to have one day finds this journal or even better can hear you daily . Imagine the effect it would have on them hearing their parent talk to there self that way. Maybe they would pick up on the self hate an begin to follow by example and self talk hate to themselves.

Lets not forget that words are power. Use your power for good. Show those around you the power you have in up lifting your self and others.


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