Diary 101:Memorial Day Weekend

Diary 101: Memorial Day Weekend

It’s a time to remember those that have lost their lives in active duty. So many times, we forget that serious nature of Memorial Day, but over time it was made to be the mark of Summer beginning. Summer beginning marked by the day we remember those that lost all their summers. Seems strange. Nevertheless, I feel the best way to spend Memorial Day is making memories with your family (or the ones you deem as family) by celebrating the freedom we get to enjoy and byloving our families as much as we can. It’s in this same naturethat I want to remember my first Memorial Day with Jer and the boys.


My significant other (my boyfriend, Jeremy (Jer for short))had his kids an extra day. They were on a ‘long weekend’ already, and then we got to have them from then to Monday afternoon. A normal long weekend we have the boys (aged 13 and 11) Thursday evening to Sunday evening. A short weekend would usually be Thursday evening to Saturday noon. We always have a lot of sports and school events along with a nice dose of cleaning and renovations. Memorial Day Weekend we had a nice weekend. Not as relaxed as we had hoped it would be but it was still very

enjoyable. It was nice because we didn’t have a lot of events to attend and we tried to do nothing out side of just enjoying life.


The good points were as follows:

 Having a great therapy appointment on Thursday.
 Eating at Olive Garden on Thursday with the boys and Jer.
 The 13 year old’s Baseball Game on Friday (they lost but they also played a great game).
 Getting up early on Saturday and heading out with Jer for a little shopping at the Christmas tree shop for rugs, and Bob’s Discount Furniture for a look in the discount section for pieces we needed (we found two pieces that fit perfect to our needs).
 Nachos for dinner, which was a hit! (when dinner is a hit that’s a big win for me!).
 Hugs from the 11 year old with a I love you too (I wonder if that was just a ‘going with the motions’ or an actual, I love you’ (to the strange lady that has come into his world?!)).
 A huge fire on Sunday, just spending time with eachother.
 Getting extra time with the boys watching them play ball with their Dad.
 Installing our Fire TV Stick and getting two of the Google Home Minis to work!
 All but Thursday, the entire weekend enjoying the sun and warmth.
 A couple win, which was a lot of romantic moments after the kids went to bed!


My weekends are full now. They are always incredibly busy and full of things I have not been used to. Going from marriage with a younger husband (with no kids (though I had amazing nieces and nephews)) to an older spouse with kids was a change for sure. You don’t just get up and go. You have to plan, schedule and work around the kids’ needs first  all of which seemed to just fall into place effortlessly. I fell in love with the boys right off the bat. They are such good boys. It was very strange in a wonderful way how we got use to each other very fast and it just seemed very normal for us all now.

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend with your family (however you deem them), and share your favourite moments with me. I hope you have a great time!

I look forward to seeing you on the next blog post!



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