Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s almost time. Thanksgiving is upon us. I know there is a lot of controversy over whether to celebrate or not celebrate. I have an American Indian bloodline. I can understand why Thanksgiving is controversial. Our people long ago were surprised and taken advantage of, killed. We have long celebrated this new world find and the celebration of Indians and Europeans. 

In today’s world, no one tries to see the good in events. I honestly am surprised Christmas has not been attacked yet. Jesus was not really born on Christmas day, but we have celebrated such for many years. Santa has no relation to Jesus except for the fact we can’t see either of them, to believe in them is to have faith, they both give gifts and love the little children. Yet one is real and one is not. People even argue that neither is real. I’ll never stop believing in the spirit of Santa, and I’ll never stop believing in Jesus.  

This is the point I’m leading to. Thanksgiving to me, in the spirit of what we have celebrated for many years, Thanksgiving, togetherness, a new beginning, hearty bounty, bringing two sets of people together even without a common language who could sit down and share the blessings of the day. Is this what happened? Maybe not but the idea behind it is the beautiful part. For the American Indians to offer the Europeans a place to rest, and food to eat, the Europeans took lessons from the Indians on how to survive on this new land. If you think about it, they equally had to have some moments of peace in order for either side to learn the new life they would both be experiencing. 

Today every culture has a reason to get mad and ticked off at another country. This world we are a part of is a kaleidoscope of people, races, opinions, and religions. In reality, we could all be peacefully surviving together. However, we are not. We picket every little thing; we ban so many different types of events and actions that sometimes it just seems like all our past and all our current life have to be erased. When it used to be, let’s study our past, let’s learn all we can so we can better ourselves in the light of what was done wrong. However, we are too busy not celebrating the good things and making arguments about why or why not that is so. 

As always this is just my opinion. It has been formed by the thoughts of preserving a feeling of togetherness, family, love, bounty, and celebration that I want to stand firm with. So many people this past year do not have their homes or memories anymore. So many do not have a place to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some can’t think of much to be thankful for. I think we deserve as a nation to put more time into being thankful and less time thinking up ways to stir up distaste and upset.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all get to be with your families this Thanksgiving, sit around a table of food and say what you have to be thankful for. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving you can use it as a day to be thankful for what you have today.

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