Diary 101 #8: The Things People Say

I made a huge decision to start deleting the fake accounts’ and the accounts that were from other countries that just would not stop with the DM’s. If you’re on social media and a woman, you already know what I’m talking about.  I will be the first one to admit that sometimes you can bond with someone from another country. Generally speaking, though, it’s DM trash.   I have seen more than just me taking this stand. I know how hard that can be. I literally had to say, ok I have faith in you “Self” that you will be able to build back your community with valuable people. Boy, it was hard when today I went under 70K. Some companies will not even work with you if you don’t have at least 70K in followers.  Deep breath… it just means I need to work a little harder and bring the people in. (If you’re reading this and you’re a normal human that isn’t online pretending to be someone you are not, please add me on Instagram @FINDINGEVIE).

An example of what I have to face each and every day.

So back to them Dm’s. I thought for your laughing pleasure I would share some of my most received DM’s and since I do not reply to the dm’s doesn’t mean I do not have replies in my head. Also maybe when I am just sick of it, I might have tried a few of these out…

Random male- What’s your phone number? ME: Why, do you want to pay my phone bill? 

Also, me: You piece of s*&^ Do not ask me for my number because it would be a cold day in hell that you would get my number asking me that as a stranger. 

Random man (likely Indian) (RIM)- Hello Dear, I was randomly browsing online and I come across your beautiful profile. I’d love to get to know you if you could bless me with knowing you. ME: Your user profile picture is that you?

RIM: Yes, dear, do you like me?

Me. Well, I normally do like gay men. 

RIM: What do you mean Dear? 

Me: Well, you’re a bear that’s what they call you right?

RIM: No dear forgets this, I want to know you 

Me: Why do you want to know me looks like you and your husband are happy

RIM: Dear, I love you. 

ME: Well, I only date sexy men from India… Hope you have a good day Mr. White guy . BLOCK

Random Man: SEX

Me: Female

Random man: I am from Nigeria and I have stumbled across your profile. I cannot live without you. I will do whatever you need me to do to be your husband…

Me: Oh thank God I knew Mr. Right was out there to rescue me.  Please Deposit 100k in my PayPal. I live in my car and I keep getting tickets for parking overnight. 

Random Man: Block

Me: well darn!


Me: omg I think you must have cancer you have a growth 

Random man: (Block) 

ME: Rude

Random man: Hey Pretty how are you today?

Me: Hi, well if you really want to know – the crabs are worse today and I don’t know what this oozing sore on my lip is. I really hope I don’t have herpes. 

Random Man: Oh, that sounds bad. I will take care of you

Me: You mean it, you will take care of these crabs? They said I may also have worms. I need an enema filled with meds to get the worms to come out and die!  

Random man: (Block)

Me: Damn that was a good man…

Random Man: Are you single?

Me: No

Random Man: You and your man into threesomes? Y’all are cute. 

ME: (yelling through the house) Hey baby want a threesome later tonight?

Jeremy: Um NO. 

Me to Jeremy: Don’t say I never offered

Me to Random Man: That’s a hard pass

Random Man: Do you sell your panties

Me: $1000 a pair – I’ll even throw in clean ones.

Random man: How about making them dirty?

Me: No man, just no…

 And yes, if you’re asking, these are real questions I have gotten. The things people feel like they are allowed to say are unbelievable. I don’t understand how many folks can literally be scum. Why do they not have better manners? 

I am not sure why people are like this but they are. It gets so tiring being a woman online. Beauties, don’t be these people’s victims. They are almost never who they say they are and they almost always have an alternative reason for saying hello. Be your own protector. You can save yourself. No amount of DM’s can make you do anything you don’t want to do. XOXO

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