The Paranormal – Do You Believe?

If you love spooky things, set your calendars for May the 3rd Paranormal Day. Since 2014 people have been sharing their stories and celebrating the unexplainable on May 3rd. I could not miss this opportunity to share some spookiness. I am not one that enjoys being scared, and I have had too many real-life events that have caused pure terror that made me all the scared I ever need to be. I in fact spent more than half my life terrified of everything including horror movies and anything that involved ghosts. That has changed a bit now. I prefer watching Horror over most other movies now. It is the only way I can focus on something other than the voices in my head. (LOL)…

So, throughout my life, I have been witnessing many spooky things. Maybe the most terrifying for me is the idea of being able to know things before they happen. Psychic ability? I don’t really believe in psychics in the traditional way. I recently learned of the technical word, and it’s something I can wrap my head around a bit better. Precognition is foreknowledge of an event. Why do I think I have this “precognition” ability? Well for one my nana had it 100 percent although she gave praise to Jesus saying he put the ideas in her head? My faith and my denial of the supernatural for a long time accepted the Jesus explanation because to me it seems a lot better than having something else going on. 

My Nana

I don’t know how it is that some people know things before they happen or before it happens but I know it is a real ability that some people have. My nana trusted me because she said she always knew if I was lying. I did not trust testing the idea so I just told her the truth, or at least a version of the truth. So, I still have not given you proof about my Nana. Let me go way back to when my mom was a college student. 

My Nana and I

There are three occasions that my Nana knew things that she had absolutely no way of knowing.  The first time was when one of my great grandmothers passed away and my grandfather called my mom to tell her to fly home. My mom kept giving my grandfather excuses and it was told to me that my nana said to my papaw let me talk to her. She said to my mom, come home we don’t care that you have green hair. My mom said that her brain went right to, “WHO TOLD ON ME!?” My nana said she just had a thought that maybe that was why mom was not wanting to fly home. The second time my nana just knew was when my mom drove off in a car with her friend and her friend’s friend. My nana said to my papaw, well there goes our son in law! My papaw said no not my daughter she has more sense than that. Well turns out she did not. The last time my mom took some pills and had to have her stomach pumped. My nana said she woke up and just knew so she called my mom’s friend and found out what hospital she was at. 

So maybe this is just all by chance you think? Well throughout my life these things kept happening. My nana was always one step ahead of me that’s for sure.  Even about who I would marry one day. I remember her saying one day you’re going to marry someone from another race. She was right. That is what I did. I wish she would have seen that it was not going to work out. I have had some very similar things happen to me. The most recent was two years ago when a hurricane was set to hit my mom’s town. Now hurricanes are fairly routine for the area that sees many tornadoes, and other bad weather issues. Mom and I both have always had a false sense of security about the house she did live in. We felt it would serve and protect us from anything because my papaw built it. Well, this hurricane would be different. For one, I normally don’t watch the weather, I find out after the fact they had bad weather. I don’t normally worry myself sick nor do I make demands. Well, this time I kept feeling like something was off. I was so worried, and I kept seeing my mom homeless. I called my mom and I told her that if she was too hard-headed to go stay with someone she had to at least pack a bag of clothes and her medication and put it at the door. Along with shoes and something to slip on. That night she went to bed in her home for the last time. She would wake up in the middle of the night to feel extremely scared and she decided she would go to her friend’s house. She got up and was putting on her shoes as a huge oak tree crashed down on where she was just lying. She had to struggle to get out of the debris but there was her bag of clothes and medications right there by the door waiting for her. 

I know precognition is not exactly “Paranormal” but I think it may just go hand in hand. I lived in a house that shared a fence with a cemetery during my 20s. This home belonged to my best friend, and she and I experienced more than a few spooky things. The first is my snow globes. I had a love for snow globes back in the day and so when we still had barely any furniture, we had this table that we placed three of my favorite snow globes on. Well, one day I was home alone and the middle snow globe (oddly enough the one that I said reminded me of my nana and my love) WENT OFF. I really missed my nana and my mom and I were going through a real rough patch. This first time did not freak me out. In fact, I felt somewhat at peace with it. However, the next day it went off at the exact same time and this happened over and over until one of our friends moved in and it stopped. Well, this was not a good house share situation and that friend soon moved out and the snow globe began its daily ritual of going off. I can’t remember exactly what happened but that globe got broken. I was super sad because after that no globes went off until one day another one did, except I 100 percent knew it was not my nana. Chills went up to my body. I could not really explain the difference except for the fact It was spooky. At this same time, the cabinets in our kitchen began opening, and the lights would go out. It was just not feeling like a positive thing going on in our home. We did prayers and bible readings for a while and then all was well. 

I won’t drag on about this incident but I will tell you that my friend would continue living in that home for many years alone and she almost went crazy one year due to all the supernatural things happening in that home. She had people pray over her, pray in her home and it just continued till she couldn’t take it anymore. She left for quite some time. The situation is unknown as of now as she has again not lived in it, in a few years. 

My Nana and I, side by side

I personally have felt the chill in the air, heard footsteps in the hall, saw figures that no one else saw, heard voices when there was no one and it was all in different locations and situations throughout the years. I will end this by telling you what first made me believe in ghosts, and it happened at age 16. I was having a sweet 16 party at my home and all my new friends and older ones were there. Two of my new guy friends went out behind my house to pee, and when they came back, they said, boy, that dog of yours did not like us peeing back there. This comes at me as odd because for one I did not have a dog atm. My dog of 13 years had been killed by accident by my uncle a few months earlier. I also knew no one within miles had a black dog the way they subscribed. When did I ask them where they peed? Well, they said on the big tree in the back to the left with all the rocks. I am positive they saw the ghost of my sweet dog Blackie because they peed on the tree where he was buried. To me, it was a sign that Blackie was still around protecting me. Somehow after that, I found a lot of peace in the fact that ghosts do exist. 

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you any stories to tell? Please share in the comments. XOXO, Evie

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4 thoughts on “The Paranormal – Do You Believe?

  1. I think there is something to Psychic ability. Some people are more unconsciously aware of what going on and will get this gut feeling that something is going to happen.

    Having more expiration in life, elderly people might notices little details to something bigger that happening.

    Also people that live together for a long time tend to know each other so well. That they might know what one person is going to say next or what their going to do.

    The brain is train to recognize patterns. It is something you can get better at overtime. Some people are naturally better at it then others and I think that could be what psychic ability is.

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