Blog Series: Internet Relationship #9 – Liz

This is not a happy ending kind of blog, but This is a blog about a beautiful soul. I had a very active 360 page through yahoo back when I lived in Louisiana.  Least I think that is what it was called? Anyway, it was a place where you could blog and people could read it, comment, and most of the time become great friends. I am not sure how we met, I’m pretty sure it was one of those blog posts. She probably commented and I wrote back and a relationship began.  After having conversations on messenger, we began to talk on the phone. 

During the 360 time I started a Myspace page. Eventually I was blogging on myspace all about my grandfather’s health then eventually the pain of losing him.  She followed me there and I’m pretty sure I knew Liz about the time I was 25 or 26. She was a sweetheart. She was plus sized as well, she lived in Florida with a man that she was just friends with named Eddy. Some of you reading this know Liz and Eddy. When I called on the land line I’d sometimes get Eddy who always had to chat you up before he passed you on to Liz. 

Liz and I talked often. Through Liz I met other lovely souls. Somehow, she had time for us all and I loved her so much. I could call her and talk for hours. She would tell me about when she was a girl and about her family. We were not that far apart in age, just 7 or 8 years I think. Often though I would wish she was my mother because she was so loving and so caring. Everyone deserves a Liz. Liz was also the one to ask if you needed to know something about cooking. I never got to eat her cooking but I’m betting it was great. She always had the answers. We had both grown up in similar ways but yet very different as well. She taught me many things, but the encouragement and love she gave me is far the most important thing I remember about her. 

Our friendship developed and we would exchange cards, gifts, and constant phone calls. She was my favorite person to talk to for a long time. If I needed advice, consoling, laughter, love I knew she was just a phone call away. Liz had not had an easy life the last few years before I met her. She had been displaced twice by hurricanes and traveled all over the place looking for a place to call home. It in fact had pushed her to Florida which is where she lived when I met her.  

The years passed and I met my ex, and soon I would be moving to be with him. He and I had planned to go to Florida for a small vacation before we headed up to New York. So naturally I wanted to meet Liz. So, we began to plan. The day came that we were going to meet up. I’m not sure who was more nervous. We agreed to meet up at a place she chose – it was like a sports bar and pretty cool. Her and Eddy were already there and I sat across from her and could not stop smiling because my dear friend was within reaching distance! I did not want that day to end. It was not a long meet up but for what time we did have it was the most entertaining and sweet time. I will always be grateful for that memory. 

This is where the tide changes. As with most of my friends, I stepped away. I didn’t or wasn’t able to stay in the best contact. However, we would catch up every now and then. She was so happy for me and my upcoming marriage. She had gotten a boyfriend and always reported she was happy. What she didn’t tell me for whatever reason is that she had gotten sick. It was not till the very end did I even know she was sick. I don’t remember our last conversation but I wish I did. I have thought about it often and tried to recall. Liz had this young friend that was extremely close to her and through her I was able to learn about her sickness, her passing, and what had gone on. Losing Liz although we were not in close contact anymore was a huge loss. I felt the pain of losing a loved one. I’m sure Elizabeth is up in heaven loving all the kitties, making yummy treats in the kitchen, and laughing as much as possible. She had a great laugh. This is truly one of my greatest friendships from the internet. 

RIP LIZ… I love you still.

Liz and I.

XOXO, Evie

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