Blog Series: Internet Relationship #7 – Lauren

If you’re a follower you know I’ve been leading you through an internet relationship series. Some have been romantic and some have been friendships. Today I want to introduce you to one of my most talented friends. This is someone I actually do know how we met. I had a yahoo 360 page, and I was friends with two people she was friends with.  This friend has visited me in every state I have lived in. We have both been through it since the time we met. 

My sweet, funny, silly, talented friend Lauren. She lives in Texas, but has family in Louisiana. This is where I would first meet Lauren was in Louisiana. I was probably around 26/27. When she first came and visited me, she was married and working for the IRS. Her little boy was just a baby. He has been the only baby I have ever been around that just wanted nothing to do with me. He was a cutie though.

She would visit me a few times before I moved to New York. Through the years where we talked and shared information changed. Soon we were both on Facebook. Lauren has this amazing talent to draw you in to her day and make the most interesting post about nothing but her day which could be anything from cooking to baby crying to all of the constant projects she has going on. She was someone a lot of people could connect with through her post. I looked forward to them every day. 

Soon after I moved to NY, her post turned into a close friends only blog post and public Facebook post of daily updates around her husband and their journey through his cancer. The way she was so open and raw about all the feelings and emotions she was having was wonderful. She shared their highs and lows. She was open about how alone she felt, and how she was struggling. I literally still think she should write a book about this some time. She was such an inspiration. I know her husband had to have been so in awe of her. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer and Lauren became a single mother. 

During that time Lauren came face to face with herself and she took us along for the ride. A bit of time passed and she moved to a new home and made magic happen.  The things this woman can do by herself is amazing and a true representation of what women can do. She would soon start dating someone and become pregnant. The posts during her pregnancy were fun to see. I often felt like I myself were going through some of the things she wrote about. Laughter was very common at this time. After her son was born she flew in to NY to see me and then we would take her to meet her boyfriend’s parents so they could spend time with the baby. It was a short visit, but it was so nice to see her and know she truly was ok. 

The next few years she took us through renovations, business prospects, children’s antics, love life, sex life, friends’ relationships, vacations, weight loss, surgeries, and again to see the boyfriends’ parents at the start of the pandemic. She also rolled up to see me. It was so nice to see her – she looked amazing! The one thing that never changes even through death, children, boyfriends, singleness, weight, she is always the funny quirky friend that she always has been. 

As always, she keeps me laughing and crying. She just has this way of making that connection and we feel her feels. Lauren is great at so many things. I am in total awe of her one day painting a room, to baking and decorating a cake, to taking her kids for walks, working tiring hours, traveling, being a friend, mother, daughter, daughter in law, aunt etc. 

This relationship has been ongoing and is one I value. An easy kind of friendship where you know each other or out there even if we don’t talk a lot, we support one another and check in. I appreciate the love she has shown me over the years. Always supporting me and accepting the decisions I have made to be the ones I needed to make. Lauren is truly a great, fun, loving person. 

Thank you for the years Lauren… 

XOXO, Evie

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