Collections – A Nicer Word For Hoarder?

Collecting …. Isn’t that just a nicer word for hoarder? I spent the last 13 years before I moved to Massachusetts becoming a minimalist . Before then I was a Collector. I had a huge Winnie the Pooh collection, I had every book I ever owned since I was born, I had a stuffed bear collection, a beanie baby collection, flip flop collection, CD collection, and carnival glass. I even had collectable dolls, and almost every stuffed animal, baby, and barbie I ever had. I had a hard time letting go of the things for the pictures I had of when I was little, before my memories begin. 

After arriving in NY, about the 3rd move, I began to declutter my life. I gave things away, I sold things, but mostly just gave all my beautiful sweet things full of memories away. By the time I reached my last living space with my ex, I was down to about five big boxes compared to the U-Haul truck that it took to haul all my things from Louisiana. 

Now I am getting back into collections a little bit. I love T-shirts. I have a pretty decent collection of those. I collect butterfly stamps, postcards, magnets, and I have a small coin collection from my nana. I guess you can say I collect things that are unicorns. I love earrings. I like to have lots of options so earrings are on the collecting list. 

My Strawberry Shortcake Collection

I think for me, collections that I can keep under control and in a small space are better for me now. I think when you collect something it should be something that really makes you happy or has a strong connection to a memory.  For me, a t-shirt collection began for many reasons. One – I love music. My Ex kept my CD collection and at first it broke my heart. Those CD’s were with me through a major part of my life. Music kept me alive. So, the t-shirts I collect are band t-shirts. They also connect me to the fact that when I was younger, they didn’t have band shirts that would fit me. It’s like reliving my teenage years every time I get dressed in one. I’m ok with the excessiveness of my t-shirt collection because I can use them and admire them. 

My coins are something that I keep due to my nana. Every now and then I take it out and look at it. Nothing too special – just memories. Then my earrings are something I love because I get to wear them and admire them both. Useful collections are my favorite. When I travel now instead of big things I try to stick with postcards and magnets. 

I can’t talk about collections without talking about my beloved Jeremy. He collects Baseball cards, coins, stamps, model cars, old pictures, old documents, books, candles, mugs, blue glass, older brown kitchenware sets, hunting knives, and probably many other things I just can’t remember. This man is the collector of collections. Sometimes my minimalist brain explodes with all the things in our home. With much order we somehow manage. XOXO, Evie

So tell me what you collect. Are you big on collections? 

10 thoughts on “Collections – A Nicer Word For Hoarder?

      1. Omg ! I use to have two MADolls. I wonder if I still have Jo from little women. I don’t even know where my storage box with the dolls i did keep are!


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