National Dress Up Your Pet Day – Meet Belle!

In honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, I want to introduce you to Belle. Belle is my 12 year old Pomeranian. We have this amazing story of many moves, a lot of sickness, a lot of road trips, and finally finding home in a new place. 

Belle has been my constant companion for the last 12 years. In those 12 years we lived 9 of those years on Long island. We lived on a lot of different areas of Long island as we moved 8 or 9 times in 9 years.  That is a lot of packing and unpacking, and a lot of Belle being a nervous nelly and getting sick each and every move to be fine once we were settled. She had lots of aunties and uncles there as well as cousins of the human and dog form. Her favorite uncle was the owner of one dachshund with long hair who ultimately was Belle’s little boyfriend. There was no question who the boss was in that relationship, it was always Belle. Belle would stay almost a month with her boyfriend and uncle when mommy and daddy went on their honeymoon. She was not happy about that because she loved to travel. 

Belle in her unicorn outfit, so cute!!

Talking about cousins, she had a furry cousin that would come stay with her when their parents were out of town. Belle did not like being the older cousin and she most certainly did not like the attention mommy gave her cousin Rosie. However the perks of having Rosie over was that Rosie ate the good stuff and if Belle was sneaky enough she could sneak Rosie’s food into her belly. Rosie also had the good toys and no matter what mommy did, Belle always sneaked them, and sadly tore them up. 

Belle has had many friends but none she loved more than aunt L. She was her favorite person and even just a light knock on the door would send Belle into the shrillest, highest pitch scream you have ever heard. Mommy feared getting kicked out of their apartment every time aunt L showed up due to Belle announcing it to everyone. 

One of the things even more than company that Belle loved was traveling. She loved going on Sunday drives with mommy and daddy. She loved going to see grandma way down in Louisiana getting her first hair shave there when she was just 1 yr old. She loved going to see mommys friends way up in North Dakota and Michigan and then going to New York. She loved and always knew when she was headed to Grandmas in New York. She would bark the moment the Indian smelling food came to her nose. 

Belle has had this amazing life full of people that loved/love her. She has a new daddy now and brothers. They all endure her at times because as you know old ladies can sometimes get stuck in their ways and are quite moody. Belle is definitely MOODY. In fact mommy carries scars proving just how moody she is. Belle is old now and she has to take medication for seizures. She also has to have check ups regularly at the vet. She is still happy, loves life, plays with her many toys, and …. LOVES TO DRESS UP. 

Belle has always had a wardrobe. Currently she is a little (shhhh…. don’t tell her but she’s fat)…. So some of her clothes aren’t fitting. She can’t help this really because her medication makes her hungry.  She still likes to wear the things she can wear. At any time you could show up and she would have a summer dress on, a referee shirt, pumpkin or even a unicorn outfit. Sometimes she wears some together. She loves picking out her outfits and then showing them off to daddy. 

My Belle may be a small dog but she has one big life. She is the love I didn’t know I wanted and the love I didn’t know I needed. She has been my child, my friend, my little love. Life without Belle would have been less. With her, life always has smiles, frustration, laughter, and lordy she has taught me patience.  

Belle with Mama!

So for all you fur baby parents that dress their babies up, let’s celebrate National Dress Your Pet Day together! Comment below on what you love to dress your pets up in. XOXO, Evie

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