Christmas Fun

What is my favorite holiday? Christmas, duh

What is my must have Christmas side? Sweet potato casserole 

HAM OR TURKEY? HAM for Christmas

 Dress up or PJ’s? I have done both and they equally have an aesthetic I can be down with. 

Favorite all time Christmas gift? My bald Cabbage patches. Harry is the one from my papaw. 

Favorite CHRISTMAST SONG? White Christmas

Movie? White Christmas and A Christmas Story

Décor? I like to change it up but I love trees and snowmen

Winter activity? Driving around looking at lights. 

When do you decorate for Christmas? Thanksgiving Day if I can. 

What would be your dream Christmas gift? A home bought for me for our life together and a smaller gift would be two puppies ( different breeds)

Favorite Christmas treat? Christmas tree cakes 

Favorite Christmas dessert? Pecan Pie

White or multicolored lights? Actually they both are beautiful and equal in my mind. 

All jokes aside, Christmas is a real special time of year for me. It feels like my Nana is all around me. I can see my papa clearly in my head, and I know my Lord was born, died, and arose for me. I am blessed beyond words to have a home in which I can stay warm and dry. I have a bed to rest my head, food to fill my belly. I have a man that loves me, a puppy that I adore, and two kids that I love very much. If I got nothing for Christmas, I would still consider myself insanely blessed. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my blogs. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and come back next year to see what I’ll be up to. 

What are some of your favorites this holiday season? Comment below!

xoxo, Evie

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