Building While Mad

So if the topic of this blog piqued your curiosity then I did my job! Let me start off by saying – I have had a hammer in my hand since I was born. My papaw even bought me a small version of his hammer. I can probably hit a nail in better than most men. That being said- I’m all girl and hold on to your panties feminist where there is a certain part of me that feels if you’re in a male/female relationship that the man should be doing the man things as it’s “his part”! 

Just for giggles I’ll list a few of the things I consider his duties: Filling up my gas tank, opening and shutting my door, taking out the trash, shoveling the snow during winter, cleaning off the table after eating, cleaning the toilets, and for the sake and reason of this blog building all furniture that has more than five steps! 

Now, I’m not new to men not living up to my expectations! I was married and that is a big “was”. My ex did not believe it was his job to fill my tank, in fact he believed I should always return the car full! He did the shoveling as he said if left up to me he would find me froze to death buried deep

in a pile of snow I had fallen into! I can not recall more than once or twice that he opened and shut my car door for me. With all the things that were “gender bending” that we did, he did build all our furniture up until the last apartment we moved into. By that time had built so many pieces he was done so he taught me how to help build! 

Let me tell you how proud I was of the one night table I did with a small amount of assistance! I almost carried that thing out when I left!  That is neither here nor there but that does bring us to last weekend. It was a long weekend with the kids meaning we had them Thursday till late evening Sunday. Well, I had purchased a five drawer set of drawers on rollers to go with my makeup vanity. I had every intention of helping Jeremy put it together, however Jeremy had other plans that did not include helping me ever with those drawers. In fact he made himself as un reachable as possible when it was time to get to work by going outside without his phone! 🤯 This tells me more than one thing: 

It tells me he really wanted to do the task he was doing (taking down an old fence around the garden), and it also tells me that he had no intention of building anything that day and he didn’t want to be interrupted! MEN! 

Jeremy is the kind of guy that wants you to be happy and goes way out of his way at times to make it happen but wholly molly he and I work on totally different thought waves! This is why I, after finding out not only did he go outside but he went out without his phone, huffed and puffed and said well fine, I’m going to put this together myself or die trying! I’m not going to wait till you feel like it, I want it done now on my timetable! Come on ladies, you know good and well you have these moments as well! 

So I sat about opening it up (that in itself started off bad). Opening the box should have come with instructions. Talking about instructions – it was a book! Ok like two inside and two outside but yea a book not a page. It was way over my 5 step rule. Long LONG story short, somehow I managed in a respectable 3 hour time frame to put together these five drawers and holder on wheels! It’s not shaky, there was nothing on wrong or backwards, no broken nails or lost screws, 

However if I were the confessional type of religious person I would have had a lot of “Hail Marys” because I cussed a lot and loudly – so much so that when going to bed that night Jeremy says, “So, cursing loudly was that from a building project??? Why yes, yes it was. He could hear me in his garden! Oops!

The point of this little confession is that I may have cussed, and I may have been angry at Jeremy, but now every time I look at those set of drawers I feel pride. I don’t think, “Boy, Jeremy didn’t build those”, I think, “Wow look what i did!” Sometimes in life you have to get angry! Sometimes in life there will be no one but you to depend on! Really when it comes down to it, we only need to know one thing for sure: if need be we can build the damn furniture!

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