Random Acts of Kindness

Thoughtfulness is something that we as a world do not pay enough attention to. If we thought about our neighbors more and what we could do to better their lives instead of always thinking about how to better our own, we would live in a different world. 

Throughout my life I have had the honor to know thoughtful people. Most were my elders. My Nanna was one of those people. We did not have a lot of money when I was growing up, in fact we often had no extra money. Somehow my Nanna always managed to give food to those that needed it, or money, or clothes. She was the most selfless person I have ever known. My Nanna was very sick from the time my memory started till she passed. She did not have an easy life, but she had a giving heart. Thoughtfulness was just her nature. I in fact heard my Nanna being referred to the saying, “they would give the clothes right off their back if they thought it would help” often.

I love that I had this example of a woman in my life and her shoes I could never fill. I have not always been great about giving to others, which was mostly a problem when I was young. I did not want to give my clothes or toys away; I had a lot of toys but that was because a lot of people loved me and bought me things. Being a fat kid, clothes were hard to find but even then, our religious views kept me from wearing things like pants and shorts so very rarely did I get new clothes. I remember asking my mom why I had to give things away when I barely had enough clothes to go a week to school without wearing the same thing over again. That lesson was lost on me at the time. 

We grow up thankfully. I remember when Katrina hit my state – I was high enough that the weather itself did not affect me but the flood of people into all the small towns including mine did. I went through every inch of my home at the time, gathering everything we did not use and piling it in the living room. I went through our storage house twice. Clothes, shoes, old toys, blankets, pots pans – nothing was left unturned. Our cabinets were also cleaned out of all food that could be shared. My roommate basically had to sit me down and say look, I am glad you’re wanting to help out but it is not your job to clothe and cover every Katrina victim single handedly. To me I just wanted to help, and that is how I felt  thoughtfulness was expressed. 

Thoughtfulness does not have to always be about giving to others in the physical sense. It can be a call on a birthday, a hug on a bad day, a tampon passed under the stall by a complete stranger, someone holding the door for you or just wishing you a good day. There is another concept to consider : Random Acts of Kindness, which embodies kindness, thoughtfulness, love, joy, selflessness, and the giving spirit. 

My Nanna had her random acts of kindness down. She was always so good to my friends when they would come over. I know more than once she gave certain one’s money and prayers. She was always praying. I know I didn’t have a friend she did not pray for. I often believe she could pray someone into heaven. My favorite thing that my Nanna did started out as Christmas cards to all types of people, friends from near and far. Each card came with a personal note. Often some were packed with 10 or 20 dollar bills. I had the honor of sitting on the floor by her chair or in the recliner off to the side by her to write each and every card for her. This not so random act turned into random cards to people throughout the years. My Nanna had so many strokes in her life she was unable to write legibly, so I pretended to be her secretary and wrote all the cards and letters as she dictated them to me. 

After Nanna passed there were about 10 people who I would continue to write out Christmas cards to on behalf of my Nanna’s memory. 2 of those ladies were my Nannas best friends, so I wrote to them about every 3 months or so until they passed away as well. I wanted to keep her alive in my heart and memory. To this day I still send Christmas cards to way too many people. I just can’t help it. It was built into me and I guess that is my random act of kindness during the holidays. 

Working on my Christmas Cards last December – Carrying on Nanna’s tradition.

This year I thought I would do a random act of kindness and send a few friends Valentines. I had such a good heart and ideas – I even bought supplies (red ribbon, glue, stickers, glitter X2) from amazon. Amazon was on time and delivered everything fast and I had the other supplies ready but I hate to report the craft fell through.  I am just not a crafter. So, for my friends that will not be receiving Valentines, I’m so sorry. I had good intentions, but like many things it just did not work out.  At least I have some art supplies if need be for future adventures. 

Do you ever think of Random acts of kindness that you would like to do? If there are, what keeps you from doing them? Or if you do random acts of kindness what inspires you to do those?

Love you all and thanks for reading

XOXO, Evie

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