Review of Virgin River from Netflix’s

Virgin River! I was late to watching the show. I had heard about it, and heard that it was
good, but I never sat down to watch it. Then my besties bestie told me I just had to
watch it and well…let’s just say, 6 days after I started the first episode, I’ve watched all
3 seasons and googled when the fourth will be out!
According to Google, Virgin River is listed as a show with the premise: “Seeking a fresh
start, a nurse practitioner moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town
and is surprised by what — and who — she finds!” The show seems to have had multiple
directors and is produced by Reel World Management. While the show was made
especially for Netflix as a Netflix original, the show is based off novels by Robyn Carr. I
am now in a state of urgency to read all the novels and come back to give you a run
down on show verse books! For now, we will just talk about how the show sizes up to
another show I like.
Virgin River is so much more than what I mentioned above. When I watched the first
episode, I was quick to call it a “Hart of Dixie” copycat! Comparing both shows (Hart of
Dixie and Virgin River), one is comedy and one is a romantic drama. Although Hart of
Dixie is labeled a drama, you’d know by watching it that it’s a romantic comedy turned
joke near the end. The “drama” label isn’t the only thing the two share. They both have
Tim Matheson as the small-town doctor that does not do well when it comes to sharing
his practice! While HOD has a doctor coming in to shake things up, VR has a nurse
practitioner to shake things up! They both take place in small towns with a huge gossip
line, shabby cabins that are fixed up, a local bar that is a main focal point, and stories
around the lead couples that at times are more interesting than the main story!
The best thing about VR compared to HOD is the fact that in VR the love interests make
it known early on that they have eyes for each other and they stay together pretty much.
Sure, they have ups and downs, but at the end of the day they stick together. On the
other hand, HOD lead us on the ever so annoying “what will happen and when will
these people get together” story line!
Okay, enough about the similarities and differences – let’s focus now on Virgin River.
First of all, the cast is just good-looking! Jack (the main protagonist) is played by Martin
Henderson and his love interest Melinda (Mel) is played by Alexandra Breckenridge. Of
course, I already mentioned Tim Matheson as Doc! The main story line with all the
connecting story lines surrounding their friends and family somehow managed to cover
most of the things I have trauma over. In fact, about half way in, I almost walked away.
Let me tell you why.
In the show, Mel is running from the pain of losing her husband and having a still birth
after many miscarriages. Now, I didn’t experience the death of a spouse, but I have
dealt with miscarriages and the hope and let down that comes with them. The pain that
Mel expresses brought me to tears more than once. The way she describes wanting a
baby is exactly how I have felt ever since I was 16, and from that point forward I just

knew I wanted to be a mom. If that wasn’t enough – from other characters we get story
lines of PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, death of a mother by cancer, abandoned baby,
a daughter with parents that don’t care, relationships of mentally unstable people,
marriage to control freaks, domestic violence, and domestic rape. It went on and on.
This series has left very few stones unturned and it somehow managed to keep it a
show you want to watch and feel good about doing so.
With all the talk of trauma, I just want to talk about triggers for a minute. We all have
different things that set us off and rip our souls out. Sometimes we are watching
something and boom there it is and we are frozen in the moment. I want you to
understand whether you’re in public or home alone it’s ok to feel your emotions. It’s ok
to get up and walk away or walk out. No matter who you’re with or how important this
may be, YOU do not have to sit through anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you
do choose to keep watching like I did, take time/space for you to really process the
feelings it brought up and how you will deal with it. Don’t rush to feel better, just sit with
it for a bit. Understanding your self is the best understanding you will ever do!
In closing, Virgin River has kept me on the edge of my seat. I binged watched it so fast
that with all the other things I was doing during those few days it’s a miracle I had the
time! I can’t wait till season 4 – at best I could only find it will be released Summer,
2022! This is just another reason for summer to come back fast! So far seasons 1-3
have a 4 and half out of five stars from me!

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